China News Service, Wenzhou, April 15 (Fan Yubin, Zheng Hao, Huang Xiaolu) "If I told you that my parents are both police officers, would you envy them? Don't envy them, everything is just a legend. Under the epidemic, they are just one word. ——Busy!" Recently, a composition written by 10-year-old "police baby" Niannian (pseudonym) touched the tears of many netizens.

  Since April 3, Yueqing, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province has successively found 2 positive cases of new coronary pneumonia.

Yueqing Public Security immediately activated a high-level response mechanism, and all the auxiliary policemen acted upon the order, assembled in the starry night, and rushed to the "epidemic" line.

  - "My mother is like a transit station"

  "One day I woke up in the middle of the night and the lights in the living room were still on. I walked out in a daze and saw that my mother was still working in the living room... I knew that this night, she would be sleepless." From that moment on, the daily workload of policeman Jin Jie has grown "burstingly".

  As an internal staff member of the Haiphong Brigade of the Yueqing Public Security Bureau, in addition to linking up, organizing and coordinating, and providing logistical support, she must also strictly implement the epidemic prevention work at sea during the critical period.

  During the special period, Jin Jie is not only a "little housekeeper", but also a "center" for information sorting, integration and rapid transmission, and a "big rear" for front-line comrades-in-arms.

  For more than ten days, Jin Jie has to answer more than 100 calls and more than 100 WeChat messages a day on average... Overtime has become the norm.

  - "Dad staying up late is the norm"

  Jin Jie's husband, Wu Yongqian, is also a policeman.

  "There is a whirring sound in the video, and there is a coldness. I think my father must be working hard!" As Nian Nian wrote, since the epidemic prevention and control work was carried out, visits to households for publicity, assistance in community closures, and key points Site inspection, high-speed bayonet duty, daily duty case handling... Wu Yongqian is on the front line of epidemic prevention every day.

  "We met in the army. We were married for 13 years, and we were separated from each other for 13 years. The reason why we named our child Nian Nian was to express our thoughts." For Wu Yongqian, the couple are relatives who support each other, and even more so. Although the comrades who understand each other changed to the police and changed into the police uniforms in dark blue, their original intention of protecting the masses has not changed.

  ——“Don’t envy the children whose parents are policemen”

  "My 5-year-old brother eats and takes a bath by himself. My sister, I sometimes have to be self-reliant, cooking dumplings and instant noodles by myself. Alas! The police's children are also very hard!" According to Jin Jie's recollection, in the first year of the epidemic, I was in Surveillance is installed in the home.

  "The two of us didn't have time to take care of the children. Even though my sister had just turned 8 at the time, she took the initiative to take care of her 3-year-old brother. I told her that if there was anything, I would call or call us on the monitor." Jin Jie said .

  When I'm hungry, I fry a poached egg for my brother, when I'm thirsty, I give my brother hot water. When I miss my mother, I move all the toys out to play with my brother... Because of the special occupation, Nian Nian has long been accustomed to being independent.

  "Usually, as soon as the two of us receive a call, they will immediately calm down, because they know that Mom and Dad have something to do. Usually, if my sister can solve many things, she will never trouble us. She will also teach my brother to be considerate of our hard work. Now that the two children have grown up, my younger brother will help with some housework." Jin Jie said.

  ——“Under the epidemic, the hard work is only the police”

  "My colleagues are very tired on duty all night. I want to do as much as possible." Recently, after finishing the work at hand overnight, Jin Jie took the initiative to apply to the front line to replace her colleagues on duty.

Before going out, Nian Nian also instructed Jin Jie to go to work with confidence, pay attention to safety, and don't have to worry about her family affairs.

  "This composition was sent to me by my child's teacher, and I was very moved and surprised." Jin Jie said, "I often tell my children that in winning the battle of epidemic prevention and control, there are no outsiders, let alone bystanders. They also contributed a lot by being obedient at home."

  As Nian Nian wrote in his composition: "I only hope that when the flowers are in full bloom, we can all take off our masks and laugh in the bushes."

  "This is her wish, and it is also the wish of all of us fighting the epidemic." Jin Jie said.