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Fans of Jacques and Thomas Dutronc will not be required to choose.

For the first time, the father and the son meet as part of a tour which begins this Thursday, at the Casino de Paris.

Europe 1 met the two artists, eager to perform together on stage.

The Dutronc father and son meet for the first time during a tour which starts this Thursday, at the Casino de Paris.

On stage, two black leather jackets and a family resemblance.

First Jacques, the father, cigar in hand, comfortable on his stool.

Since an accident in Corsica, the gentleman burglar no longer touches the guitar too much: his hand hurts him.

The jokey touch: a pair of cowboy boots, Charentaise slippers.

The son, Thomas, more intimidated, takes care of the final adjustments of these concerts, the first of a long series.

Europe 1 met the two artists at the dawn of their tour.

@ThomasDutronc and his father (in cowboy boots and slippers!) are launching their tour!

— Marie Gicquel (@ma_gicq) April 14, 2022

"Thomas is a great worker, so with me, it's an average," says Jacques Dutronc first.

"I'm super happy, I'm on cloud nine, to be with dad, I'm so proud of him, and I love him and share all this with him, I think I'm going to be very moved… I'm going try to hide it and wear dark glasses!" Thomas says.

A tour that Thomas Dutronc dreamed of

This tour, Thomas had dreamed of it, and pushed by Françoise Hardy, Jacques accepted.

"It's a bit for her that I'm here too, it's true she said to me 'It makes Thomas so happy, I've never seen him so happy.'"


- Jacques Dutronc and Françoise Hardy, the meeting

Thomas Dutronc has imagined everything: a stage that looks like a recording studio, with posters of Tintin and a photograph of Johnny and songs from the father and son repertoire, in a more rock version.

And the collaboration should continue, always under the impulse of the son: "I have lots of record projects, recorded live, but I think my father is not aware, shh, don't tell him!"