Inventories carried out last winter by the National Forestry Office (ONF) revealed that bat populations were increasing in the public forests of the Oise.

In that of Carlepont (Oise), for example, 355 individuals were identified, compared to 150 in 2013. This observation is partly due to the measures taken by the authorities to protect bats, such as the closure of cavities during breeding periods, explains

Le Parisian


20 species of bats in the Oise

The ONF has also set up “maternities” for bats in its forest houses.

However, the Office specifies that the census carried out only concerns state forests and not private estates, where population declines are regularly observed.

“The Covid and the transmission of the virus via bats did not help matters,” commented an environment project manager at the ONF


It calls on private owners to set up actions to preserve the 20 or so species present in the department.


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