After her death, an Egyptian woman returns to life in the mortuary!

The village of Oren, affiliated to the Shabrakhit Center in the Egyptian governorate of Beheira, witnessed a strange incident of its kind, where a woman named Hikmat Ismail underwent heart surgery, but doctors informed her family of her death during the operation, while one of the nurses noticed;

While she was transferred to the mortuary in the hospital, she was still alive, and did not die.

Hikmat Ismail said that she had an open-heart surgery in a hospital in Cairo, but her heart stopped, and his heartbeat stopped during the operation, so the doctors accepted her to put her in the mortuary until her family members came to receive her.

The Egyptian lady added that one of the nurses noticed at the refrigerator that she was still alive, and her heart was beating normally, so she hurriedly went to the doctor responsible for her condition in order to tell him that she had not died, and indicated that her pulse returned after she entered the mortuary, and then she was entered. to the operating room for another operation.

She explained that she did not know what happened to her, because she was not fully conscious, noting that she underwent another operation the next day, in order to install two stents in the heart, and then the doctors and nurses told her what happened to her.

She said that the medical staff told her what happened to her in their shock, describing it as a "miracle".

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