This is a first in Haute-Savoie.

The department's first intelligent and zero-carbon heating network was inaugurated on March 31 in the Pré Billy eco-district in Annecy, reports 

The Dauphine


The installation will allow 500 apartments and offices to be heated and cooled using a medium-depth geothermal process.

A 4.8 million euro project

This process consists of drawing energy from rock located 200 m deep with probes.

It guarantees reduced energy bills for the inhabitants of the accommodation, the delivery of which is scheduled for the end of 2023. The Swiss design office Amstein and Walthert is in charge of the project.

The cost of the operation is estimated at 4.8 million euros.

More than 950,000 euros are subsidized by the Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe).

According to the manager of Pré Billy, this 100% carbon-free technology is perfectly ecological since “the impact of drilling on the environment is nil”


among other benefits.

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