The small wish of an elderly lung transplant patient during the lockdown period created a big problem for the medical staff of Shanghai Chest Hospital

  In order to let grandma eat a bowl of shrimp wontons, four medical care and love relay

  Reporter Tang Wenjia

  Under the epidemic, a bowl of small wontons stumped many people.

Recently, such a heartwarming incident happened in Shanghai Chest Hospital.

  Grandma Xu is a double-lung transplant patient in the Chest Hospital.

Under the careful care of the medical and nursing team in the Department of Critical Care Medicine, Grandma has survived the most difficult perioperative period.

Unexpectedly, the sudden epidemic shattered Grandma Xu's longing for an early reunion with her family.

The old man became unhappy, had a very bad appetite, and even affected the recovery process.

Zhu Minfang, her doctor in charge, was so anxious that she brought her own delicacies many times, and even used a juicer to make juice, but Grandma Xu still lost her appetite.

  "Grandma, what do you want to eat, tell us more about it?" One day, Grandma Xu made a small wish to Director He Bin of the Department of Critical Care Medicine: "I want to eat a bowl of shrimp wontons."

  This small wish has become a big problem during the lockdown.

During the epidemic, roads are closed, shops are closed, express delivery is difficult, family members are quarantined... What should I do?

Director Yao Feng of the Transplant Center sent a message for help in the work WeChat group, but the medical staff in the group responded with a hundred calls.

"The cafeteria can wrap, but there are no ingredients" "I have flour at home, I will make noodles" "I have shrimp at home" "I will mix meat stuffing"...

  Just do it!

Medical staff from the Medical Department, Thoracic Surgery, Critical Care Medicine Department, Pharmacy Department, and Rear Protection Department worked together to stage a "relay" of love.

  After get off work, the medical staff took off their white coats and put on aprons.

In the first step of the relay, Shi Jianxin, the director of the transplant center, picked up the rolling pin and made the wonton wrappers; the second step in the relay was to solve the wonton stuffing.

Ordinary shrimps have become a rare commodity during the current lockdown. Pan Yan, a clinical pharmacist, found a small amount of stock at home, then chopped the minced meat, added ingredients and stirred it in one go; the third stick of the relay was passed to the canteen chef.

He took over the raw materials, stuffed them, put them in the pot, and cooked a bowl of steaming shrimp wontons.

The fourth baton of the relay, which is the "last 100 meters", Dr. Zhang Qianyun from the Department of Critical Care Medicine brought this special bowl of wontons to the elderly.

  The hot little wontons, accompanied by a handful of chopped green onions, are really fragrant.

The old man was as happy as a child in an instant, and he ate it all in one go!

  "Eating small wontons is a simple thing in normal times. Many people are even tired of eating them and don't want to eat them. Now, we look delicious. A small wonton bears the 'comradeship of war between doctors and patients to overcome difficulties together in special times'. '," said the medical staff.