(Love in the Greater Bay Area) Guangzhou and Hong Kong relay "anti-epidemic" to send warmth to Hong Kong people

  China News Service, Guangzhou, April 13th: Guangzhou and Hong Kong relay "anti-epidemic" to send warmth to Hong Kong people

  Author Sun Qiuxia

  It was late at night on March 8, and the clock had already pointed to 12 o'clock. The phone of Chen Deming, vice chairman of the Hong Kong Haizhu Federation of All Circles, suddenly rang. The caller was an old lady from Hong Kong. It turned out that she and her husband both had a fever, but they did not have masks. Very anxious to wait for epidemic prevention materials.

After answering the phone, Chen Deming immediately got up and changed his clothes, and gave the supplies to the old man half an hour later.

  "The old man's son is in Guangzhou, and there are only two of them in Hong Kong. When I gave them the supplies, the old lady really cried. When they needed it, we immediately sent the things over, and they felt very secure." Chen Deming said in an online interview with Chinanews.com recently.

  Since the fifth wave of the epidemic in Hong Kong, Chen Deming called 30 volunteers and raised 10 vehicles to set up an anti-epidemic "caring youth transport fleet", which shuttled through the streets and buildings in Hong Kong from morning to night every day to help Schools, hospitals, elderly people living alone, etc. distributed epidemic prevention materials from the mainland.

The picture shows Chen Deming (second from left) donating anti-epidemic materials to the interviewees of Pok Oi Hospital on behalf of the Hong Kong Haizhu Federation of All walks of life

  These materials were jointly donated by Guangzhou Haizhu Overseas Friendship Association calling on Macau Haizhu Association, Guangzhou Taiwan Association Haizhu Branch and mainland caring enterprises, including 900,000 disposable medical masks, 150,000 disposable medical children's masks, and 20 KN95 masks. 10,000 pieces, 20,000 new crown antigen detection kits and 10,000 boxes of Lianhua Qingwen capsules.

  "The mainland has really helped Hong Kong a lot. Every group has sent anti-epidemic materials from the mainland. Now Hong Kong has to wear two masks when going out. Some people have no extra money to buy masks. They are very happy when they receive the supplies. "Chen Deming said.

The picture shows Chen Deming (second from right) and others carrying out the "Caring Youth Convoy" to deliver and distribute anti-epidemic materials. Photo courtesy of the respondents

  On April 7, Chen Deming led the "Caring Youth Transport Team" to deliver masks and COVID-19 antigen test kits to 36 primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong.

Earlier, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, announced at the anti-epidemic press conference that all primary schools, international schools and kindergartens in Hong Kong will resume face-to-face classes as soon as April 19.

This batch of anti-epidemic materials has relieved the urgent needs of teachers and students who are about to start school.

  "We have to deliver to a lot of places every day during this time, and I have an appointment with the school from 9 am to 8 pm, and there is no time for lunch. If I stop to eat, it will be delayed for an hour or two, and they will be very Be anxious, some schools are particularly short of children's masks." Chen Deming said.

  Seeing that friends around him were infected with the new crown one after another, Chen Deming admitted that he was also a little worried.

After each delivery, he would "squirt" on himself with the alcohol in the car.

Every day before departure and after returning to the rental place, he self-tests with a new crown antigen test kit.

  "I go out early every morning, and when I come back, I feel like I've been hit, so I don't dare to go home. I'm really nervous when I wait for the test results, but every time I'm lucky, I haven't seen my family for more than a month." Chen Deming said frankly that although he was also afraid of infection, he still had to go out and fight.

  Before the epidemic, Chen Deming often traveled between Guangzhou and Hong Kong. This year, he has a new identity, that is, a member of the CPPCC in Haizhu District, Guangzhou.

"Haizhu District has been doing a lot of charitable activities in Hong Kong. I was also moved by them and wanted to do something for the society. Haizhu District sent a lot of anti-epidemic materials, and someone must give these materials to those in need, so we established We hired a team and asked volunteers to help us do this together," Chen Deming said.

  It is worth mentioning that even though he is currently in Macau, Feng Cuiping, chairman of the Hong Kong Haizhu Federation of All Circles, is still very worried about Hong Kong.

Chen Deming told reporters: "I will call Chairman Fung every day after delivering the anti-epidemic materials, and tell her about the whole day's anti-epidemic actions and the current development of the epidemic in Hong Kong. Whenever I have any problems, she will patiently teach and assist me. A solution."

  It is understood that with years of working experience in the region, Feng Cuiping mobilized 5 professional committees, 15 branches and affiliated associations to form a special action team of "Haizhu and You, Together Against the Epidemic", which consists of a packaging volunteer team, a youth transportation team, and a service for the elderly. The 4 teams, including the team and the commando, have distributed more than 20,000 anti-epidemic materials to Hong Kong citizens.

  With the support of the state and the efforts of all sectors of society, the fifth wave of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Hong Kong has continued to decline. The number of new cases in a single day in Hong Kong has been less than 2,000 for the last three consecutive days.

  Chen Deming told reporters that at the beginning of the epidemic in Hong Kong, he felt it was difficult, but after sending supplies to those in need every day, he also felt very happy, and life passed faster and faster.

"Now that the number of new cases in Hong Kong is less than 2,000 a day, we are still confident. I hope the epidemic will pass soon, and I can go back to Guangzhou to meet my friends." (End)