Good news Chaoshan girl was admitted to Guangzhou University for postgraduate entrance examination for cancer

  Yangcheng Evening News reporter Wang Junjie reported: "I received a call from the teacher and was successfully admitted!" On April 12, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter learned that Chaoshan girl Chen Linqiong (pictured) was admitted to Guangzhou University with an admission score of 84.30 points. study major.

In the past 2021, Chen Linqiong has experienced cancer, unemployment, and lovelorn, but she has always maintained her confidence in life and chose to fight cancer while taking postgraduate entrance exams.

Now, she has finally realized her dream.

  Chen Linqiong told reporters that at the moment of receiving the admission notice, in addition to the joy, there was more of a sense of peace of "the dust has settled".

Currently, she is preparing for postgraduate life by emailing her favorite supervisor.

  In the past month or two, Chen Linqiong has been preparing for the re-examination.

She likened the preliminary examination of the postgraduate entrance examination to a "protracted battle", and the re-examination was a "battle full of unknowns" - the scope of the examination was unknown, and the revision was difficult to start.

Due to confusion and anxiety, Chen Linqiong would always lose sleep. At this time, she would think about what questions the teacher would ask and simulate the re-examination process.

After a thorough preparation, Chen Linqiong was admitted to Guangzhou University as a postgraduate student.

"I can finally get a good night's sleep," she said with a smile.

  Chen Linqiong's father was also very happy after learning that her daughter was successful in the postgraduate entrance examination: "My daughter has not been easy all the way, our family and all relatives and friends are happy for her!"

  After the results of the re-examination were released, some teachers from the School of Education, Guangzhou University said that they were very happy that Chen had applied for the applied psychology major of the school. .

  The relevant person in charge of the college said that they would care and support her in her new journey, and provide warm help in terms of study and life.

She also hopes to take her inspirational deeds as an example to carry out peer role model learning education among students, so that more students can learn from the role models around them. Alumni.

  According to the official website of the School of Education, Guangzhou University, Chen Linqiong's applied psychology major is a national first-class undergraduate major, a Guangdong provincial characteristic major and a comprehensive pilot reform major, and has 1 national first-class undergraduate course and 3 provincial first-class undergraduate courses. The province is open online. 1 course, 5 national planning textbooks, 2 provincial teaching teams, and 1 provincial key laboratory of philosophy and society.

  The light boat has passed ten thousand mountains.

Looking back on the past year, Chen Linqiong believes that the postgraduate entrance examination was the wisest choice she made at the bottom of her life, and studying helped her get back on the right track in life.

She said that she could not achieve such achievements without the support of her parents and friends.

"My parents gave me meticulous care when I was sick and preparing for exams, and my friends have always encouraged me. They are the biggest driving force behind me."

  Talking about the future, Chen Linqiong said that she is currently most interested in psychological counseling.

She intends to systematically learn professional knowledge during her first year of study; during her second year of study, she can go to hospitals, schools and other places for internships to accumulate some practical experience.

In addition, Chen Linqiong also plans to share psychological knowledge through the self-media platform, hoping to open an online psychological counseling studio in the future.

"I hope to make psychological counseling a very daily thing. Online counseling is aimed at a larger population and can also reduce the psychological burden of counselors." Chen Linqiong said.