Jennifer Lopez revealed how Ben Affleck asked her for her hand the second time around.

The couple were previously engaged from 2002 to 2004 and reunited last year 18 years after their split.

Last week, the singer and actress confirmed the wedding would be soon and is now sporting a green diamond ring worth an estimated $3 million.

If the price of the jewel exceeds many extravagances, the actor's marriage proposal was extremely simple.

So much so that Jennifer Lopez remained “speechless”.

And for good reason.


“Can you imagine your biggest dream coming true?

Saturday evening, when I was where I prefer to be, more than anywhere else [in my bubble bath], my wonderful lover knelt down to ask for my hand.

It took me totally off guard and I just stared into his eyes…trying to collect my thoughts, focusing on the fact that 20 years later, it was happening again.

I was speechless and he said "Is that a yes?"

I said YES of course, it's a YES.

There was nothing grand or chic, but it was the most romantic thing I could imagine, “said the interpreter of

Jenny from the Block

in his newsletter.

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And Jennifer Lopez does not seem to have recovered from so much simplicity.

“A quiet Saturday night at home, with two people who promise to always be there for each other.

Two very lucky people.

Who get a second chance at love, the real one,” she added.


Jennifer Lopez Finally Opens Up About Her “Wonderful Love Story” With Ben Affleck


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck seem to have found their cozy little nest

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