April 11, 2022

Jack White got married on stage

White notebook for Jack White!

The musician has indeed married his partner, Olivia Jean, on stage, during a concert in Detroit, Michigan, as relayed by the



A nice surprise both for the fans, but also for the young bride, who was not warned a priori!

“I have a quick question for you, Olivia Jean.

Would you marry me ?

“asked the musician to his girlfriend, who immediately accepted.

A wedding ceremony then took place, on stage, with musician Ben Swank officiating.

Brooklyn Beckham got married

Jennifer Lopez's new engagement ring is (very) expensive

Jennifer Lopez has a new engagement ring, and Ben Affleck has (again) paid the price!

If some believed in an emerald, it would in fact be a green diamond, natural, of 8.5 carats.

“A green diamond of this size is incredibly rare, and would ridicule the value of their old ring.

I would estimate it between $5 million and over $10 million,” Diamond Pro executive Mike Fried told Page Six.

A substantial sum, indeed.

J-Lo's previous engagement ring given by Ben Affleck in 2002 was similar, but featured a pink diamond instead of a green one.

Its price was estimated at $2.5 million.

Everything increases.


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck seem to have found their cozy little nest

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