China-Singapore Entertainment, Beijing, April 10 (Liu Yue) In the 1990s, on the eve of the handover, Hong Kong was feasting in the night.

The sultry voice from the dance hall was blown away by the wind. A man in a black suit with a rebellious expression was leaning on the corner of the alley. A little orange firework between his fingers was dim and dim, and the unpredictable light and shadow cast on the man's face, illuminating The confusion and hesitation in his eyes wandering on the edge of good and evil - this is probably the image of the hero A Luo in the movie "Edge Walker".

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A step forward is dusk, a step back is life

  The story of "Edge Walker" takes place in Hong Kong in the 1980s and 1990s under the rule of the British Hong Kong authorities.

The male protagonist, Luo, broke into the gangster club as an undercover police officer, but accidentally formed a deep friendship with several members of the club.

  In Ren Xianqi's view, "A Luo" was forced to choose between brotherhood and justice, and finally fell into a dilemma.

"My role is actually an undercover police officer. At the beginning, I joined the club in order to collect criminal evidence, and I met a group of brothers with moral integrity, and my boss who loved me very much."

"Edgewalker" poster

  Different from the usual Hong Kong police and bandit films, Ren Xianqi chose to use "struggle" and "suppression" to outline the character background of "A Luo".

Since ancient times, loyalty and righteousness have been difficult to balance. He could not betray the police badge, and he had to follow the club to be an outlaw against his will; he did not want to betray his brother, but he had to maintain social order.

  The embarrassing situation of "a soldier is not a soldier and a thief is not a thief" makes the characters face complex emotional transformations, and also greatly increases the difficulty of the actors' performance.

"When faced with right and wrong, good and evil, your choices will put you in a dilemma. The character of Ah Luo is very depressing. He always lives on the edge of black and white, so he struggled quite a bit in the process of acting, and it was not easy to adjust the role. But I had a lot of fun doing it."

"Edgewalker" poster.

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  It is said that beauties have been matched with heroes since ancient times, but the love line in "Edge Walker" does not focus much, emphasizing the brotherhood of A Luo and several partners.

The high-spirited group of people at that time finally fell apart, which made people feel sighing, and Ren Xianqi was also deeply touched.

What impressed him most was the highlight of the showdown with the gang leader Lin Yaochang (played by Ren Dahua).

  "That kind of helplessness is like the lyrics of "Sad Pacific", 'One step forward is dusk, and one step back is life', a dilemma." Recalling the scene at that time, Ren Xianqi shook his head and sighed: "When filming that scene, I I feel that I am really approaching a psychological critical point and I am about to collapse. Because I have a very good relationship with Brother Hua (Ren Dahua) off-screen, he is like my eldest brother and directly reflects on the characters in this play. I know he loves him very much I, I also know that he can't turn around in the face of right and wrong, but I still have to try my best to pull him back, so I couldn't help myself in that scene for a long time."

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  In the movie, it is a life-threatening friendship, and the relationship between the two off-screen is also close as brothers.

After working together again after 16 years, Ren Xianqi and Ren Dahua get along more tacitly, "Brother Hua will come to visit the class when he has nothing to do, even if there is no drama with him. He was originally my eldest brother, he was very kind to us and took good care of me. Brother will really come, and after we really beat us, I can't bear it." Ren Xianqi smiled and made a gesture of touching his face, which was Ren Dahua's way of comforting his younger brothers, "I know that he is to help everyone get into the play, and he can be so good with him. It is also a good learning and improvement for me to cooperate with other actors.”

You are always too soft-hearted and take all the problems by yourself

  In fact, to most of the audience, Ren Xianqi is still the "Little Brother Qi" who played and sang "The Heart Is Too Soft", "Spring Flowers Will Bloom" and "The Girl Opposite Look Over" in his memory, with a hearty and gentle smile.

And "A Luo" in the movie is not gentle at all, and he is unambiguous when he starts.

  Although he is not soft-hearted, Ren Xianqi has done "carry all the problems by himself".

The movie is full of scenes such as gun battles in deep alleys, thrilling car chases, and many fighting scenes.

In the face of so many action scenes, Ren Xianqi's attitude is to go into battle in person if he can.

"Almost all the fight scenes are our own. If it's all a stand-in, what do you want me to do? It's fine to act as a stand-in. Tan Yaowen and I fight the most, and every day we both get up with backaches. We are I want to give it my all, because we all know that one less kick, one less punch, might not be as exciting."

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  In the shooting footage, Ren Xianqi's elbow was repeatedly hit by a glass wine bottle, but in order to show better results, he insisted on not wearing protective gear.

At the end of the shooting, Ren Xianqi brushed off the glass ballast on his collar and looked calm, just like he was talking about this topic at this time.

"I will evaluate how much I can do, how much I can withstand, how many rolls I can do, and I know it myself. What I can do within the scope of the evaluation, I will try to do it."

  Ren Xianqi doesn't think this is a "thing", he has the lightness and lightness that mature artists have brewed in the ups and downs of the years.

Over the past few years, keeping a low profile, he has always encountered some negative comments from the outside world. "Occasionally, I will see some comments saying whether I am out of breath. Even when I am fat, some people will say that I am greasy, sloppy, and indulgent."

  Ren Xianqi kindly defined these comments as "don't understand": "You don't know that I ate 200 pounds for filming, it doesn't matter, you will know when I shoot it; I go racing, I go to make documentaries, I go The desert in Xinjiang, I went to Hoh Xil in Qinghai, you don’t know, but this is my life, I don’t know much about the outside world, I will only seriously think about whether this matter has any meaning to my life.”

Spring flowers will bloom and birds will be free

  "The flowers will bloom in spring, and the birds will be free." As sung in the song, Ren Xianqi has a vitality that embraces the new world, which is vigorous and youthful.

He once led the times, and now he is happy to follow the pace of the times.

For the hot words on the Internet such as "internal volume (internal competition)", "rotten (broken pot)", "Versailles (pretend to show off)", "YYDS (eternal god)", Ren Xianqi came to him and made a sentence on the spot, "My friend is with me. Saying, 'Look at how fast my car is, I hate it.' When I took it out, it was a supercar, and I said you were too Versailles like this."

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  Humor, affinity, and forge ahead are the charms of Ren Xianqi.

He is very similar to his interpretation of "Linghu Chong": open-minded, cheerful, and candid.

And it is this optimism that uses humor to dispel negative emotions, which allows him to laugh at himself generously when facing some narrow-minded questions.

There is a stalk circulating on the Internet: Someone asked, how popular was Ren Xianqi back then?

Answer: He is the only singer who has performed the three beautiful men of Yang Guo, Linghu Chong and Chu Liuxiang.

  Ren Xianqi said, "I didn't want to play those roles at that time, I was going to sing the theme song. They saw that I seemed to be very good at playing, and then I was not too bad, so they asked me to play. But seriously , I'm like Linghu Chong at most. I'm not as handsome as Yang Guo or as handsome as Chu Liuxiang, but I tried my best to get close. But because the filming schedule was too fast at that time, I usually lacked sleep, so I couldn't be handsome even if I wanted to. Now think about it, back then I'm still pretty handsome."

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  Time flies, Linghu Chong, who was indomitable back then, has become Feng Qingyang, who teaches the "Nine Swords of Dugu" to his younger generation today.

In recent years, "Follow the Light!

"Brother" and "Brother Who Overcame Toughness" and other singing and dancing variety shows were very successful, and Ren Xianqi was also eager to try, "I also want to participate in such variety shows, because I can meet many new generation people, whether they are actors or singers. I think variety shows are a good platform, but the prerequisite is that we must do the content seriously, and don’t always provoke quarrels for the sake of ratings. Seriously make the show well, make the music exciting, and the process of hard work can make You see, I'll be there too."

  Ren Xianqi also laughed and said that he would be the "elderly responsible" in the show, "Like now I am asked to act in martial arts movies, I may not be able to play Yang Guo and Linghu Chong. I am now Feng Qingyang or another head of the family. I use this identity to see some young people of the new generation. I hope I can provide my own experience and platform, invite them to my concert, let them perform, and let them show."

  Straightforward and straightforward, always keep a young heart, and be curious to explore; transparent and mature, with solid arms, hold up new waves.

Like Linghu Chong and Feng Qingyang, maybe this is the world of the world where Ren Xianqi is alone.

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Quick question and quick answer X Ren Xianqi

Q: If you were not an actor, what career would you most like to pursue?


Sports reporter.

I can't run when I study sports, I hope I can use it.

Q: Which comment from the audience would you be happiest with?


Hard enough.

Q: Which comment made you the saddest?


I don't seem to have any of them, because I'm very thick-skinned.

Q: Who is the actor you want to work with the most?


Yi Yang Qianxi, I think he worked hard enough.

Q: If you were going to travel, who would you call first?


Call Takeshi Kaneshiro.

Because no one will ever know, we both keep a low profile.

Q: Who do you call if you want to borrow money?


I'm looking for a rich man. I think about it, maybe Jiu Kong (Taiwanese variety actor) is fine.

  (Because he has money?)

  No, because he lives opposite my house, he took the money directly and got it quickly.

Q: How do you rank singing and acting in




The same, just like Libra, I sang a little more time at that time, and this time I spent a little more time acting, and then adjusted it in stages.

Q: For the vast number of netizens, when will you release a new song?


Ask God, new songs have to be written, good songs are hard to find, of course I can do it, but I don't want to do it.

Q: If you could swap your life with someone for a day,


would you swap with?


I want to change my son, I want to know what he thinks of this dad.

  (What answers would you like to receive?)

  Not bad, dad is going to be a cool dad.