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Packed is weighed: we are hiring in the transport of goods

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A bonded goods warehouse.

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By: Marina Mielczarek

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Goods transport was a trade show this week in Paris!

For three days, transporters, packaging or warehouse specialists from all over the world met at SITL, the Innovation, Transport and Logistics exhibition.

But this year, all the industry meetings came to the same conclusion: the transport of goods is understaffed!

Freight is hiring.

And it is to the youth that the experts want to address themselves.


It is on the seaside of Deauville, in Normandy, that it has just brought together the bosses of the transport of goods.

She is France Burnand, one of the greatest French logistics experts.

Thirty years of organizing international fairs.

But this year, it innovates with the Optim Salon 2022.  

Optim Salon, the salon where we talk about hiring

Optim Salon, a salon as its name suggests, should save time.

No stands, only face-to-face meetings between decision-makers.

Because as France Burnand points out, there is no more time to lose. 

CAP, BTS, university degree, all ages and levels required

Freight transport is one of the few areas that lack personnel, so it is necessary to target the needs: 

Me, I say to young people,

explains France Burnand,

go ahead, get started!

It's a constantly changing world.

Everything around us concerns transport or logistics!

Look at our cell phones, our medicines, our furniture.

I fight to make known the range of possible professions.

From truck drivers to robotics and artificial intelligence engineers.

Or even warehouse workers who are now learning to operate automatic instruments.

From CAP to BTS to university license, all levels and all ages are required



Covid-19, e-commerce and the rise of parcels delivered at home

The Covid pandemic accelerated a trend of the time, e-commerce, internet shopping.

Many training courses exist in France to train in warehouse management, or sector by sector, transport by boat, train or truck. 


Delivery academy

, the school of 1,000 deliverers and dispatchers     

But in the cities, who says distance selling necessarily means fast deliveries.

In the estate, you can see anything and everything!

 exclaims Augustin Doumbe.

This former student of the Ecole Supérieure des Transports in Paris wants to prevent bosses from considering delivery people as cheap, drudgery and disposable workers. 

Know how to say hello!

Politeness, the basics of training

Bicycle, car or scooter, one of the basics learned at the Academy is that a good delivery person is a smiling delivery person, knowing how to represent the delivered product:  

10 minutes!

This is the average duration of a delivery driver recruitment in France today!

explains Augustin Doumbe.

It does great damage.

Entrepreneurs do not know how to retain their delivery people, and delivery people change companies in less than 6 months.

This year, the Delivery academy is offering a new training course offering former delivery personnel the opportunity to become team leaders and dispatching managers.

Knowing how to organize a delivery board is a real talent!


30,000 positions available

So future robotics engineers, future delivery drivers or parcel and packaging specialists, get started!

30,000 positions this year are offered.


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