The series creation of cultural IP and innovative film and television expression have made the ancient capital of the thirteen dynasties successfully realize the cultural "breaking circle"——

  "If you ask about the rise and fall of ancient and modern times, please only look at Luoyang City"

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  In 2021, with "Tang Palace Night Banquet", "Luoshen Shui Fu" and "Coming on the Stage!"

Luoyang" and "The Wind Rises in Luoyang" and other programs and episodes are online. Luoyang, the ancient capital of thirteen dynasties that was once considered to be "the prosperous and glorious ancient capital of thousands of years, but could not find a good way to integrate into the new era", seems to have found a way. Shortcuts to fight for your presence.

  During the Qingming holiday, in the Yingtianmen Scenic Spot of Luoyang City in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, Zhang Yiman, the instructor of "Tangniu", clicked on the intelligent operation device the size of a palm in his hand, and the huge 50-meter mural "Yingtian Long Song" "moved". The grand scene of the Tang Dynasty seems to travel through time and space, presenting in front of you.

  "If you ask about the rise and fall of ancient and modern times, please only look at Luoyang City." In this situation, reading this verse by Sima Guang, a famous official of the Northern Song Dynasty again after thousands of years, will still make people who first come to Luoyang excited.

  The creation of cultural IP series and innovative film and television expression culture not only exchanged traffic popularity, but also brought tangible benefits to local city brand image, cultural and tourism integration and upgrading, etc., so that the long-standing traditional culture has more "Open with".


  Traditional culture has strong "circle fans"

  At the end of 2021, iQIYI's self-produced drama "The Wind Rises in Luoyang" has swept the Internet.

The production team used 15,000 sets of props, more than 100 restored scenes, and more than 5,000 sets of exquisite costumes to make Luoyang Aesthetics "break the circle".

The regional delicacies such as glutinous rice, Hu spicy soup, hoto, water mat, and cheese eaten by the characters in the play are mouth-watering; The highly restored architectural style of the city makes the city fireworks of the ancient capital vividly on the screen... Overnight, everyone is fascinated by Luoyang.

  After the series ended, the prosperous story of the city really began - Luoyang took this opportunity to open up a new path for cultural integration and development.

  With the popularity of film and television, the comprehensive film and television IP project "Wind in Luoyang" in the ancient city of Luoyi came into being: iQIYI has opened up 12 product forms such as drama series, variety shows, cartoons, documentaries, and movies through story-based IP, combining with the most current products. Popular cultural and creative products such as toys, clothing, home furnishings, beverages, etc., create an IP universe and fully display Luoyang culture; while Luoyang Cultural Protection Group, as a state-owned platform, is deeply integrated into iQIYI's "one fish and twelve eats" business model, and jointly produced The Humanities Exploration Program "Arrived!"

Luoyang", the documentary "Shen Capital Luoyang", and cooperated with the Luoyang Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism to deploy themed hotels, large-scale immersive script killings, VR full-sensing movies... to promote the two-way empowerment of "film and television IP" and the development of cultural tourism.

  From "Tang Palace Night Banquet" to "Emperor and Empress Bowing to Buddha", from "Luoshen Shui Fu" to "Dragon Gate King Kong"... Luoyang symbols began to occupy people's field of vision frequently.

At the same time, various cultural and creative products and cultural activities such as Chinese costumes, poetry appreciation, national music performances, food tasting, and national style treasures are emerging one after another, and the distance between people and traditional culture is narrowed little by little.

  Dressed in red and green ru skirts, swaying and taking small steps, holding various traditional musical instruments... In the Jiuzhouchi Scenic Spot of Luoyang City in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, many tourists and a group of cute baby versions of "Miss Tang Palace" met unexpectedly. Their lovely dance won a lot of applause, and also received a group photo of fans.

  "Tang Dynasty music and dance is the traditional dance art of China's Tang Dynasty. After the leap in dance skills of the Han Dynasty's hundred operas and the integration of Chinese and foreign music and dance in the Southern and Northern Dynasties, it has reached a new and more mature realm..." In addition to leading everyone to enjoy the scenery, The cute baby version of "Miss Tang Palace" also told tourists about the origin and development of music and dance in the Tang Dynasty, and acted as a "cultural spokesperson".

  "The dissemination and development of traditional culture must conform to the trend of the times. By means of storytelling and personalization rather than preaching, the perfect integration of the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation and the core socialist values ​​can be better achieved." Xin Junfeng, chairman of Luoyang Cultural Protection Group Say.


  Immersive experience activates innovative genes

  At the beginning of the Spring Festival, the "Supreme Dragon Gate" immersive experience hall in Luoyang Longmen Grottoes is full of people when it comes to holidays.

This visual feast of light and shadow created by using the idle building space of the Longmen Grottoes Scenic Spot has been put into operation since the Spring Festival this year, and it has frequently topped the TOP1 list of local leisure and entertainment in Luoyang due to the high satisfaction of tourists.

  At the same time, the Peony Museum, which is about to open its doors to welcome guests, uses modern technology, combined with high-definition laser projection fusion splicing, holographic imaging and other technologies, to beautifully display many peony elements, and innovatively set up areas such as art appreciation and interactive experience, using digital means. Innovative display method, full of technology and immersion.

  Driven by new capital, new technology, new industry, and new market, Luoyang's cultural tourism industry has moved towards a new stage of creative innovation to activate the city's cultural tourism resources, enhance the incremental transformation of the experience economy, and become a driving force for activating cultural integrity and innovation.


  A new way of development with the element of "literature"

  Entering the Erlitou Xiadu Site Museum located in Yanshi District, Luoyang City, you can listen to the cultural relics "speak".

On the basis of physical display, the museum is supplemented by pictures, texts, oil paintings, sand tables, models, etc., and fully integrates multimedia, touch screen, digital and other technological elements, through the "holographic dynamic restoration of jade production process scene" "I build a garden for Xiadu". ” and other interactive games, allowing the audience to stroll and play in the museum.

In the "Earliest China" exhibition area of ​​the Digital Museum, many "China's best" at the Erlitou site are "lived" through 3D special effects, and "the earliest China" seems to be within reach: the earliest urban arterial network, the earliest Miyagi , The earliest central axis layout of palace buildings.

  "Under the empowerment of modern technology, Luoyang Municipal Government has invested nearly 10 million yuan to build a digital museum. Through advanced digital technology, it will fully restore and display the overall appearance of Erlitou culture with the Erlitou site as the core, and add digital wings to Xia culture. , let the cultural relics 'live'." Hou Yuke, deputy director of the Erlitou Xiadu Site Museum, introduced.

  "Usually East is fortunate to Luoyang City, and the night is bright in Tianle Palace." With the "night economy" coming into people's eyes, Luoyang City took advantage of the situation and used the ancient capital culture as a guide, and handed over an excellent answer: Luoyang Based on "Eight o'clock at night in the ancient capital", special themed activities such as "Night in the Ancient City" light show, "Prosperity on the Pool" costume performances and other special themed activities are overwhelming. Old City Cross Street, Luoyi Ancient City, Longmen Ancient Street and other "Night Luoyang" landmarks By connecting the night resources into lines and beads into chains, the cultural vitality is fully released.

  Xiaoqiang Beef Restaurant was full of people.

This is the busiest and happiest moment of the day for the boss, Jin Zhiqiang. "On the side is the splendid Tang culture from a thousand years ago, and in front of you is the city nightlife full of fireworks. This is Luoyang."

  Our reporter Yu Jiaxi Correspondent Dong Junya Wang Jianing