For the first time in the history of space development, a spacecraft carrying only civilians to the International Space Station was launched from Florida, USA on the 9th of Japan time, and safely entered the planned orbit.

The American space development company "Axiom Space" launched a spacecraft with four civilians on board the International Space Station from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA, after midnight on the 9th of Japan time. ..

The spacecraft entered the planned orbit about 10 minutes later, and the launch was successful.

Of the four on board, Captain Michael Lopez Alegria is a former NASA astronaut, while the three passengers are entrepreneurs and investors in the United States, Israel, and Canada.

It is the first time in the history of space exploration that only civilians who do not belong to the national space agency fly to stay at the International Space Station.

The four will stay at the International Space Station for eight days to conduct scientific experiments planned in collaboration with universities and research institutes around the world.

The spacecraft will be docked at the International Space Station around 8:30 pm Japan time, about 20 hours after launch.

Is the boarding cost billions of yen?

"Axiom Space," which planned this flight, is an American venture company aimed at commercial activities on the space station.

The spacecraft "Crew Dragon" and rocket "Falcon 9" developed and operated by the space development company "SpaceX" were used for this flight, and a private company will also be responsible for rescue in the event of an accident. It has become.

The exact amount of the cost paid by the passengers has not been disclosed, but the cost is estimated to be billions of yen per person based on the statements made at the press conferences so far.

Axiom Space emphasized that this flight is more than just a space trip, and that it is the first step towards continuous commercial activities in outer space.

The International Space Station has had several civilians staying on board a spacecraft operated by the Russian Space Development Corporation, but NASA = NASA also used the International Space Station for commercial use three years ago. Has been significantly relaxed, allowing civilians to stay and operate on the International Space Station on NASA spacecraft.

Axiom Space has signed a contract with NASA to build a residential building for commercial use on the International Space Station, which is expected to begin as early as 2024.

The International Space Station is scheduled to operate until 2030, but Axiom Space will continue commercial activities such as scientific experiments in space with its own space station even after the operation is completed.