A few weeks ago, Robbie Williams sold the small palace he owned in Beverly Hills to Drake for 75 million dollars and found himself without a roof over his head.

But now the British singer has just found a cozy little nest near Holmby Hills, one of the most upscale neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

50 million dollars is the sum he paid for this luxurious residence of more than 1,700 square meters in the style of a European mansion built in 2005.

The sum is astronomical and yet it is much less than the 58 million dollars originally requested by Lauren King, the widow of television mogul Richard King.

Between 2018 and 2019, she even asked for 70 million as Dirt points out!


Be that as it may, Robbie Williams will be at ease in this house which has no less than eight bedrooms and as many bathrooms, all in a very elegant wooden decoration.

Outside, the property is distinguished by a sumptuous garden, a large swimming pool with a dedicated pavilion, a tennis court, a gym and two guest houses.

What more !


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