China News Service, Wuhan, April 9, Question: Hubei "post-00" boy takes his Alzheimer's grandmother to college

  Author Wu Yili

  Get up on time at 6 in the morning, wash, buy food, make breakfast, call grandma to get up at 7, prepare medicine and water for her, turn on the TV and tune to her favorite channel, and go to school before 8...

  "It has been almost 6 years since I took my grandma to school." Recently, Zhang Meng, a "post-00" boy from Xiaogan, Hubei told reporters.

  Zhang Meng, 20, is a sophomore majoring in new energy vehicles at the Automobile College of Wuhan Vocational College of Transportation.

He lived with his grandparents since he was a child.

In 2016, my grandfather died of a cerebral hemorrhage, and my grandmother also suffered from Alzheimer's disease, and the cost of drugs was high.

My father works abroad all year round and is the main source of income for the family.

So, Zhang Meng took his grandmother to a home not far from the school and took care of her personally.

The picture shows Zhang Meng preparing lunch for his grandmother, photographed by Wu Yili

  At first, grandma was not seriously ill and could basically take care of herself. Zhang Meng took care of her while taking care of her studies, and did not feel a heavy burden.

After graduating from high school, he, who loves cars, was admitted to his ideal college major.

  "Leaving Xiaogan to go to college in Wuhan, who will take care of grandma?" Zhang Meng thought about it, and finally decided to rent a room near Wuhan Vocational College of Transportation and take his 72-year-old grandma to school.

  However, as the disease progressed, grandma's memory continued to decline. She used to be ingenious and good at cooking, but gradually she didn't know how to turn on the TV, answer the phone, and get hot water, and she couldn't remember taking medicine or even going home. Way to go.

Zhang Meng needs to learn more skills: cooking, cleaning, mending... After class every day, he rushes home to cook.

The dishes are prepared the night before and put in the refrigerator. It can be cooked with only simple processing. Most of them are meat and vegetarian dishes, two dishes and one soup.

"You can get a meal in half an hour, take a lunch break at noon, and go back to school full of energy in the afternoon." Zhang Meng said.

  In addition to Alzheimer's disease, my grandmother also suffers from basic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes, and needs to take a lot of drugs every day.

Zhang Meng bought it to separate the medicine boxes, put labels on the time of taking different medicines, and set up multiple alarm clocks to remind grandma to take medicine.

The picture shows Zhang Meng playing flower cards with his grandmother and Wu Yili

  A doctor once told Zhang Meng that although Alzheimer's disease is difficult to improve, chatting with patients more and letting them do some simple housework can delay the development of the disease to a certain extent.

"The thing I'm most afraid of is that one day in the future my grandma won't even know me." Zhang Meng said frankly.

For this reason, he accompanies his grandma for a walk and plays cards every day after dinner. After grandma rests, he starts to review the homework of the day.

  In the opinion of Jin Songhe, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Automobile College of Wuhan Vocational College of Transportation, Zhang Meng is excellent in both academic and academic performance. At the same time, as a class cadre, he actively assists the counselors in handling class affairs, which is an example worthy of the young people today.

The picture shows Wu Yili, a separated pill box prepared by Zhang Meng for his grandmother

  "I was brought up by my grandmother. When I was young, my grandmother would try my best to help me realize every wish." Thinking back, Zhang Meng choked a little.

After college, he hopes to find a job in the auto industry in Wuhan.

"It is my filial piety to take care of my grandma, and I will still take her by my side, so that she can live a better life and get better treatment." Zhang Meng said.