At an event held in conjunction with the spring traffic safety campaign, actor Susumu Terajima served as the chief of the Chiba Prefectural Police for one day, calling for the eradication of drunk driving.

This event was held at a commercial facility in Chuo-ku, Chiba City on the 9th, and Susumu Terajima, an actor in Chiba Prefectural Police uniform, appeared in a police car.

Then, I received a commission letter from the chief of the Chiba Central Office, Makoto Naito, for one day.

Regarding drunk driving, Mr. Terashima said, "You have to follow the rules. Drinking alcohol makes you feel upset and your reflexes become dull. If you drink alcohol, use a taxi or public transportation to handle the car. Don't hold it, "he called for the eradication of drunk driving.

According to police, there were 102 accidents resulting in drunk driving, including the accident in which five children were hit by a truck and injured in Yachimata City last year, the fifth highest in Japan.

In the spring national traffic safety campaign, efforts will be made to ensure the safety of children and other pedestrians and to eradicate drunk driving.