China News Service, Taiyuan, April 9 (Reporter Fan Lifang) 10 boxes of water, 9 boxes of milk, and 6 boxes of instant rice... On the afternoon of April 9, 16-year-old Zhang Yejia and his friends bought these with New Year money. The materials were donated to the Kunze community staff and volunteers of the preparatory group of Tanghuai Street Office, Xiaodian District, Taiyuan District, Shanxi Province.

  This charity donation was organized by the Xiaodian District Education Bureau to bring anti-epidemic materials to more than 60 teachers who participated in the volunteer service of anti-epidemic in Kunze community.

  On April 3, Xiaodian District of Taiyuan reported 4 cases of positive infection by the nucleic acid test. The relevant areas in the district were subject to classified management, and schools were suspended from returning to school.

So far, three rounds of nucleic acid testing have been carried out in Xiaodian District.

  "The workload of nucleic acid testing for all staff is very large. We have recruited more than 3,000 teacher volunteers to go to 12 streets, towns, and more than 2,700 nucleic acid testing points to cooperate with medical staff for information entry." Xiaodian District Education Bureau Government Affairs Information Director Meng Hairong introduced.

Teacher volunteers cooperate with medical staff to input nucleic acid test information.

Photo by Meng Hairong

  After the school suspends returning to school, Zhang Yejia, who is in the first year of high school, has always wanted to do something for epidemic prevention and control, in addition to taking online classes on time.

Through understanding, he learned that the front-line staff lacked fast food and other materials, and decided to use the accumulated lucky money to buy materials to help fight the epidemic.

  Knowing Zhang Yejia's idea, his friends donated their money to participate: although Feng Bo'an was trapped at home, he specially entrusted others to use his New Year's money to buy more than 1,700 yuan of supplies; Zhang Junhan bought 4 boxes of milk and 4 boxes of instant noodles, and other friends bought and transported the supplies, Do your part actively.

  At the donation site, blue slogans such as "Xingxingyu Public Welfare Association" and "Love Makes the World Warmer" were very conspicuous.

  "Xingxingyu Public Welfare Association was founded by my parents when I was on my 12th birthday. They wanted me to actively participate in social volunteer services." Zhang Yejia said that the association had previously donated to flood-stricken areas in Henan, Xiangfen, Shanxi and other areas love.

In order to fill the community fund, Zhang Yejia not only used every cent of the New Year's money carefully, but also accumulated it through charity sales.

  Zhang Yejia and his friends donated this move, which touched Chen Xiaojing, a teacher at Xuedian Primary School in Xiwenzhuang Central School in Xiaodian District.

Since April 3, she has gone to the Kunze Community of Tanghuai Street Preparatory Group as a volunteer three times in a row to assist in the completion of nucleic acid testing. "Every time I work in protective clothing for six or seven hours, sometimes I don't have time to eat in the morning or lunch at noon. With these supplies, we can replenish our physical strength in time."

  "More importantly, at this difficult time, we help others as volunteers, and at the same time get help from others." Chen Xiaojing said that she would tell the students about Zhang Yejia and his friends, "This is a 'I am for everyone, everyone is for me', a vivid case of encouraging everyone to actively participate in volunteering." (End)