• Consumer alert Kinder chocolates withdrawn from the French market due to suspicions of salmonella

  • Consumption alert Food Safety withdraws lots of Kinder products from the Spanish market after cases of salmonella in Europe

The Belgian food safety agency (FASFC) has announced this Friday that it has ordered to stop production at the Kinder chocolate factory where the salmonella contamination had originated and has deplored "the incomplete information" provided by the Italian confectionery giant Ferrero .

"For several weeks, more than a hundred cases of salmonellosis have been identified in Europe", indicates the FASFC, stressing that

a "link" established at the end of March between these poisonings and the Ferrero factory in Arlon (Belgium) "has been confirmed

. "

"After the investigations (...) and following the findings in the last few hours that the information provided by Ferrero is incomplete, the Agency today withdraws the authorization of the Ferrero production plant in Arlon," announces the FASFC, which it also orders the removal of all products from the Kinder range from the site.

"This comprehensive product recall concerns all

Kinder Sorpresa, Kinder Sorpresa Maxi, Kinder Mini Eggs, and Schoko-bons type products

, regardless of batches or expiration dates," the agency said in a statement, asking "to the distribution companies that remove all these products from the shelves".

The Ferrero company has acknowledged "internal failures" in a press release.

The group "deeply regrets this matter" and offers its "deepest apologies to all (the) consumers and business partners."

The health authority stresses that "it will closely follow the steps taken by Ferrero and will only authorize the reopening of the premises after having been able to conclude that the establishment complies with all food safety standards and requirements."

The investigation at Ferrero continues, according to the FASFC, which

asks consumers not to consume any of the products in question


The decision to withdraw the authorization for the Arlon plant has been taken "to clarify the situation", Belgian Agriculture Minister David Clarinval was quoted as saying in the press release.

"Such a decision is never taken lightly, but the current circumstances require it," he added, citing the imperative of food safety.


Last Wednesday, the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN) issued a

precautionary withdrawal alert from the Spanish market

of certain batches of Kinder products manufactured in the factory closed this Friday by the Belgian authorities.

The affected products were the following:


Kinder Surprise Egg cup of 6 units Christmas edition

with Christmas drawings in the pack (total weight 120 gr.) and with a best before date 04/20/2022.



Kinder Schokobons,

in presentations weighing 46 gr., 200 gr., 225 gr.

and 500 gr.

and with preferential consumption dates between 05/26/2022 and 08/21/2022.


Kinder Schokobons White,

with a weight of 200 gr and best before dates between 05/26/2022 and 08/21/2022.


Kinder Surprise Maxi,

weighing 100 gr.

and best-before dates between 05/26/2022 and 08/21/2022.


Kinder Happy Moments

, weighing 133 gr.

and 191 grams.

and best-before dates between 05/26/2022 and 08/21/2022.

The Ferrero Ibérica company asked that day those who have been able to buy

them not to consume them and to contact the firm through its website or by calling 93 545 25 38


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