Around 3:00 pm on the 7th, a car crashed into a ticket shop in Namba, a downtown area of ​​Osaka, and three people were seriously injured.

Around 3:00 pm on the 7th, a light passenger car rushed into a ticket shop in the downtown area of ​​Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka.

According to police, three women in their twenties and fifties were injured in the accident and taken to the hospital, one of whom was seriously injured with a broken right leg.

The car was driven by a 32-year-old self-employed man who said her mother in his passenger seat had a chronic illness to her son.

NHK's fixed camera installed nearby shows the car suddenly starting and being shaken off after the mother got off from the passenger seat of the car that was stopped just before the accident and went around to the driver's seat side. I did.

According to police, of the three injured, the one who was seriously injured was the ticket shop customer, and the other two were the shop employee and mother, both of whom were slightly injured.

Police are investigating the details of the accident.

The site is located in the center of Minami, Osaka, near Namba Station on the Osaka Metro, where department stores and large electronics retail stores are lined up, and it is usually a busy place.