Last year, a junior high school girl was found dead in a park in Asahikawa City, Hokkaido, and last month, after being found to have had six items of bullying, the superintendent of the city board of education directly told the bereaved family. I found out that I apologized.

In March of last year, Mr. Sousai Hirose (14 at the time), who was a second-year junior high school student in Asahikawa City, was found dead in a park in the city where snow was piled up. On the 27th of last month, the tripartite committee reported to the bereaved family that there were six items of bullying against Mr. Sousai.

According to the city board of education, two days later, Shinichi Kurobata, the superintendent of education, directly told Mr. Sousai's mother, "At that time, I did not recognize bullying. The Board of Education also takes it seriously and deeply regrets it. "

This is the first time that the top superintendent of the city board of education has apologized to the bereaved family for this issue.

In addition, the superintendent of education, Kurobata, expressed his intention to give thorough guidance to each school in order to actively understand bullying.

The third-party committee is continuing to investigate the response of schools and the city board of education and measures to prevent recurrence, and will announce details of the six items recognized as bullying soon.