China News Service, Shenyang, April 7 (Reporter Wang Jingwei) The Public Security Bureau of Xinmin City, Shenyang, Liaoning Province issued a police report on the 7th, saying that at 14:51 on April 6, a traffic accident occurred on Dongying North Road in the city, and a white The off-road vehicle rushed to the other side of the road while driving from west to east, causing 3 deaths, and the driver of the accident has been taken criminal compulsory measures.

  According to the surveillance footage at the scene, a white off-road vehicle rammed directly into the crowd on the side of the road.

After the vehicle rushed over, several people sitting on the side of the road had no time to react and were directly hit; some people standing on the side of the road saw this and fled in all directions, avoiding the disaster, and the vehicle that caused the accident also stopped at the scene. on site.

  After the accident, the Xinmin City police rushed to the scene to deal with it, and controlled the driver Zheng Moumou (male, 48 years old) on the spot.

After investigation, the police have ruled out Zheng Moumou as suspected of drunk driving, drug driving, and intentional driving.

At present, the case has been established as a traffic accident, and Zheng Moumou has been taken criminal compulsory measures according to law.

Cause of the accident is under further investigation.