Touma Aisaka's novel "Shoot the Enemy, Doshi Shoujo" was selected for this year's "Bookstore Award", where bookstores nationwide choose the "book that they want to sell the most" by voting.

This year's 19th "Bookstore Award" is an award in which bookstores nationwide select the "book that they want to sell the most" by voting, and many of the past awards have become bestsellers and are also made into TV dramas and movies. It is attracting attention as an influential award.

On the 6th, the award ceremony of this year was held in Tokyo, and Touma Aisaka's novel "Shoot the enemy, fellow girl" was selected from the 10 nominated works.

In this work, a girl whose mother and hometown were robbed by a German attack during the "German-Soviet war" between the former Soviet Union and Germany became a sniper, and it is harsh as a member of a female-only sniper to fulfill revenge. It is a story that depicts the appearance of surviving the battlefield.

It skillfully expresses the worries and sufferings of the characters who are always discriminated against due to differences in gender, origin, and position in the military, and carefully depicts the danger of life and the appearance of women fighting on the battlefield next to each other.

Touma Aisaka is 36 years old from Saitama prefecture.

After graduating from college, she worked as an office worker while working on writing, and made her debut last August with the Agatha Christie Award for her award-winning work, "Shoot the Enemy, My Girlfriend." Did.

This is the second person to win the Japan Booksellers' Award for her debut work, following Kanae Minato in 2009.