April 5, 2022

Hailey Bieber is not pregnant and she wants to be left alone

Hailey Bieber has completely denied rumors that she is pregnant.

The star appeared at the Grammy Awards on Sunday wearing a loose white dress.

Some saw it as a secret that she would like to hide, but it is not so, if we are to believe the wife of Justin Bieber.

"I'm not pregnant, leave me alone," she posted on Instagram in response to a Radar Online media post.

If we start to rely on clothing size to determine if a star is pregnant, we can imagine everything about her husband, Justin Bieber, who arrived at the ceremony with a suit about four times too big, as relayed by BuzzFeed.

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Madonna got a tattoo in tribute to her mother

“My turn to bleed for my mother”.

It is with these words that Madonna captioned the video she posted on Instagram, where we can see her getting the word "Mom" tattooed, obviously in homage to hers!

“When you give birth, what happens?

And yes, we bleed.

It's all connected,” he can be heard saying in the video, as the tattoo artist's needle pierces his skin and blood appears.

“My mother bled for me, so I bleed for her.

It's a family story, ”she says at the end.


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