Flying over the eaves and walking the walls, flying sand and stones,


  But there is a kind of "Tai Chi Chuan" in China,

  It seems to be in slow motion.

  Taijiquan pays attention to static braking and following the trend.

  Focus on the cultivation of the mind,

  The movements are soft and light,

  Every move is a combination of movement and stillness, virtuality and reality.

  Standing on the pile, accumulating the internal force of loosening and sinking,

  Pushing hands, showing the strength of firmness and softness.

  Regular practice and self-cultivation,

  Bodybuilding effect.

  Tai Chi has a long history and rich cultural heritage.

  Fist is the bone, Tao is the heart.

  According to ancient records,

  "Tai" means great, and "extreme" means beginning and apex.

  "Tai Chi" is the supreme source of all things.

  The combination of boxing and Tai Chi,

  Gradually formed Taijiquan.

  There are countless legends and stories about Taijiquan circulating among the people.

  In Mr. Jin Yong's "Eternal Dragon Slayer",

  When Tai Chi master Zhang Sanfeng taught martial arts,

  Admonish disciples not to stick to moves,

  As long as you understand the content carefully,

  It seems like a random attack, but in fact it is self-contained.

  There is no trick to win,

  It embodies the Chinese martial arts philosophy.

  Tai Chi pursues a high degree of harmony between man and nature.

  Between pushing and pushing,

  It is a calm and tranquil demeanor,

  In one move,

  It is an endless life experience.

  Let's follow the Tai Chi master together,

  Relax your mind and body, sink your breath into your dantian,

  Feel the charm of Tai Chi.

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