China News Service, Kunming, April 4th. At 1:00 a.m. on the 2nd in Dulongjiang Township, Gongshan County, Yunnan Province, a natural disaster of a landslide and debris flow occurred, causing many people to lose contact.

The reporter learned from the Information Office of the Gongshan County People's Government on the evening of the 3rd that as of 19:00 that day, 2 of the 6 missing persons (1 male and 1 female) had been found, and both had been killed.

  It is reported that on April 3, according to the unified dispatch and command of the on-site rescue headquarters, more than 200 search and rescue personnel and 14 sets of machinery and equipment from the province, state, county and township participated in the rescue and disaster relief work together to carry out search and rescue work.

After 11 hours of hard work, as of 19:00, 2 of the 6 missing persons (1 male and 1 female) have been found, all of whom have been killed.

Through forensic on-site inspection and identification, the identity of the victims has been confirmed and the family members of the missing persons have identified them, claimed the remains, and followed up the aftermath work simultaneously.

The rest of the missing persons are in full search and rescue.

Pictured is the rescue scene.

Provided by Nujiang Fire Rescue Detachment

  The on-site rescue headquarters requires that all rescue and disaster relief forces should continue to do a good job in the search for the remaining missing persons. According to the opinions of on-site technical experts and through the study and judgment of the meteorological data released by the meteorological department, scientifically carry out the follow-up investigation and clean-up of the disaster-stricken points. .

  Preliminary analysis and calculation after on-site survey and UAV-assisted investigation shows that the landslide body is about 40m in axial length, 30m in average width, 2.5-3m in thickness, and has an estimated square volume of about 3500m3. It is a small shallow traction soil landslide.

After the landslide slipped, a debris flow was formed after scraping and shoveling the loose layer of the mountain surface along the way. The debris flow accumulation was mainly composed of mud and sand intercalated stones. The disaster level was medium, and the disaster scale level was small.

  According to preliminary statistics, the "4.02" natural disaster in Dulong River caused 2 auto repair sites and 1 scrap iron recycling site to be buried, 1 hydrological station was washed away, some houses of Dulongjiang Highway Management Office were damaged, 68 People moved to avoid danger, 4 people lost contact, and 2 people were killed. It is estimated that the economic loss will be about 48.655 million yuan.

  At present, the road from Gongshan County to the disaster site in Dulongjiang Township is basically normal. Grain, oil, vegetables and emergency clothing are well stocked in Dulongjiang Township, drinking water and communication are normal, power supply is basically restored, and the production and living order of the people is stable. .