China News Service, Beijing, April 4th (Xu Jing) April is a good time to watch spring flowers.

The reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Landscaping on the 4th that since the Qingming Festival holiday, there has been an endless stream of tourists visiting Yuyuantan Park to watch cherry blossoms. The park has ushered in a peak of more than 90,000 passengers for two consecutive days.

  According to the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Landscaping, there are currently many parks in various districts of the city with cherry blossoms blooming. Citizens can enjoy the flowers nearby to avoid crowds and have a better experience.

This spring, citizens play in Yuyuantan Park.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tian Yuhao

  In Daxing District, Nanhaizi Park, located in Yinghai Town, is one of the four major country parks in Beijing and the largest wetland park in Beijing. There are beautiful cherry blossoms and an elk garden in the park, rich in wildlife resources and beautiful landscapes; Sun Village Park, located at the intersection of South Central Axis Road and South Sixth Ring Road, is not only full of cherry blossoms, but also full of seasonal spring flowers such as February orchid, Yingchun, forsythia, and apricot blossoms, which are very beautiful.

  At present, spring is in full swing in Yunchaojianhe Park in Tongzhou District.

The park is not only full of spring flowers, but also close to the cycling trail on the north side. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery while cycling and strolling. The Nankou Park in Changping District has special attractions such as Cherry Blossom Garden and Magnolia Garden, which is a good choice for citizens in northern Beijing.

This spring, citizens play in Yuyuantan Park.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tian Yuhao

  In addition to the above parks, Mentougou District Lvhai Sports Park, Tongzhou City Lvxin Forest Park and other places are good places to enjoy cherry blossoms.

In addition, in the Beijing International Flower Port in Shunyi District, more than 100 species and more than 3 million tulips are also in full bloom. There are also a variety of cultural and performance activities in the garden for tourists to participate in.

  The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Landscaping reminded that compared with urban parks where tourists are more concentrated, the experience of visiting parks in suburban parks is relatively better.