China News Service, April 4. According to the website of the Jilin Provincial Health and Health Commission, from 0-24:00 on April 3, 836 new local confirmed cases (825 mild cases and 11 ordinary cases) were newly confirmed in Jilin Province, of which 574 were in Changchun City. Cases (including 64 asymptomatic infections turned into confirmed cases), 244 cases in Jilin City (including 3 asymptomatic infections turned into confirmed cases), 10 cases in Baicheng (including 1 asymptomatic infection turned into confirmed cases) 5 cases in Siping City, 3 cases in Baishan City; 2742 new cases of local asymptomatic infections, including 2346 cases in Changchun City, 393 cases in Jilin City, 2 cases in Baicheng City, and 1 case in Baishan City.

The above infected people have been transferred to designated medical institutions for isolation and treatment, and the close contacts and sub-close contacts of the above people have been traced and checked, and control measures have been implemented, and their living and workplaces have been terminally disinfected.

  From 0:00 to 24:00 on April 3, 1,462 new confirmed cases were cured and discharged in Jilin Province, including 936 in Changchun City, 517 in Jilin City, and 9 in Yanbian Prefecture; 846 new cases of asymptomatic infection were released from isolation and medical observation, of which There were 528 cases in Jilin City, 306 cases in Changchun City, 8 cases in Yanbian Prefecture, and 4 cases in Meihekou City.