Today (the 5th) is the feast day of Cheongmyeong and Arbor Day.

It is expected that the weather will be mild and generally mild during the day, however, the temperature difference is widening in the morning and evening as the temperature drops.

Please be careful not to catch a cold in the changing season.

You have to be careful about fine dust everywhere today.

As the atmosphere stagnates, the fine dust concentration will show a bad stage in the central and western regions such as the metropolitan area and Chungcheong.

There will be sometimes cloudy skies across the country today, and there will be dense fog in various parts of the inland from dawn to morning.

Please be careful while driving to work.

The morning temperature will start at 5 degrees in Seoul and 3 degrees in Jeonju and Daejeon.

The daytime temperature will rise to 18 degrees in Gwangju and Daejeon, 21 degrees in Daegu and Ulsan, 16 degrees in Seoul and 18 degrees in Busan.

On Thursday this week, it will rain lightly across the country.

(Meteorological Caster Jeon So-young)