China News Service, April 4. According to the WeChat public account of "Haining Release", the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters of Haining City, Zhejiang Province issued a notice on the 4th saying that Haining City will start a level I emergency response immediately and implement a temporary closure of the whole city. Management, implementation of traffic control, only in and out.

  The full text of the notice is as follows:

Announcement of Haining City on Initiating Level 1 Emergency Response

  In order to resolutely block the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and effectively curb the spread of the epidemic, in accordance with the relevant national, provincial and municipal regulations on epidemic prevention and control, the Haining Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters has decided to initiate a level I emergency response immediately.

The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:

  1. Implement temporary closure management for the whole city, implement traffic control, only enter but not enter.

Strictly implement the three-zone management and control of sealing, control and prevention.

  2. Closure of business premises, except for the food market, supermarket, pharmacy and other places that are necessary for people's lives, all other business premises are closed.

  3. Schools, kindergartens and training institutions are all closed.

  4. Except for enterprises that need epidemic prevention, people's livelihood security, and major safety concerns, all other enterprises will suspend work, and all construction sites will be suspended.

  5. All hospitals implement closed management for existing inpatients, and all elderly care institutions implement closed management.

  6. Public transportation such as the Hangzhou-Haizhou intercity railway, taxis, buses, and long-distance passenger vehicles will be suspended; the high-speed entrances and exits of the urban area will be closed, in principle, no entry or exit; national and provincial roads are strictly controlled, vehicles can pass through the border, and people are not allowed to get on and off.

  7. Guard the gates and small gates, and create "epidemic-free communities" and "epidemic-free units".

Don't go out unless necessary, don't get together, don't gather.

"Red things" are suspended, "white things" are simply done, and banquets are not held.

  8. During the emergency response period, material security should be strengthened to ensure sufficient supply of daily necessities for the masses.

  9. Subsequent adjustments to emergency response levels will be dynamically adjusted according to the epidemic situation and announced to the public in a timely manner.

  The general public is requested to actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work, consciously abide by laws and regulations, do not spread, believe or spread rumors, implement personal health protection measures, and develop hygiene habits such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, ventilating regularly, and maintaining a safe social distance.

Those who do not obey the closure and control management shall be dealt with in accordance with the law, and those suspected of committing a crime shall be investigated for criminal responsibility in accordance with the law.

Haining New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters

April 4, 2022