During the epidemic, the number of overseas online literature writers tripled

  "Generation Z" has become the main force of "foreign writers" (Huanyin Huanyang)

  "Watching online articles" and "writing online articles" have become important entertainment lifestyles for many overseas young people.

A few days ago, the latest data on overseas online literature writers released by China Literature Group shows that in the past year, the number of online literature writers on its overseas platform Qiqi International has more than tripled. Among the overseas writers on the platform, "post-00s" and "post-95s" accounted for more than 80%.

What are the new characteristics and development trends of overseas online literature writers?

Recently, the reporter interviewed industry insiders and experts to analyze and interpret this.

  Overseas writers have high creative enthusiasm

  The data shows that in the past year, the team of overseas online literature writers has been growing, and the professional backgrounds and majors of writers have also shown a more obvious trend of diversification.

According to incomplete statistics, Qidian International has launched 1,700 translation works of Chinese online texts, cultivated nearly 190,000 overseas creators, launched over 280,000 overseas original works, and accumulated nearly 100 million users.

  In terms of writer characteristics, in addition to the common liberal arts majors such as literature, history, and fine arts, there are more and more overseas writers with scientific backgrounds such as computer science, physics, applied mathematics, economics, etc.; in terms of professional background, many teachers , computer engineers, full-time mothers, bank staff and other non-writing-related majors have also begun to become the core force of online literature creation.

In terms of geographical distribution, the overall proportion of online literature writers in Southeast Asia is as high as 36.2%, ranking first, and North America also ranks second with a proportion of more than 30%. Southeast Asia and North America have become important regions with “rich” online literature writers.

  Overseas online literature writers have a high enthusiasm for creation, and the age structure of writers also shows more distinct characteristics - "Generation Z" is becoming the main force of creation.

According to Hou Xiaonan, President of China Literature Group and Vice President of Tencent Online Video, at present, "post-00s" have become the largest group of overseas online literature writers under China Literature, accounting for as high as 56%; "post-95s" follow closely behind , accounting for 25%.

Not only that, the proportion of "post-00s" and "post-95s" among the top writers has also reached 80%, becoming the core of the creation of high-quality content in the industry.

  Expert analysis shows that these overseas original works are diverse in subject matter and rich in content. The worldview structure of most of the works is deeply influenced by the early translated Chinese online literature, and contains the common struggles, respect for teachers, respect for teachers and respect for brothers and sisters in Chinese online literature. theme.

The most common ones are imitating Chinese Xianxia and martial arts works, using Chinese elements such as pandas, high-speed rails, and Huawei mobile phones in novels, and using "system flow" and "infinite flow" and other common writing methods in Chinese online literature.

  Writing brings spiritual and material "double harvest"

  In the past year, during the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, the number of overseas online literature writers has more than tripled.

"Snoring Panda", a 24-year-old online literature writer from Nepal, has been reading oriental fantasy novels for 7 years, and he still likes such topics.

He decided to write his own novel because he felt that writing a book was the perfect solution to fighting boredom during the pandemic.

  “During the pandemic, people are so bored that they want to do something to distract themselves. Writing is a great pastime, but unfortunately it’s hard to finish a book and publish it the traditional way, so novice writers are looking for other They found the format of online publishing, and they quickly became an online writer." "Snoring Panda" said.

  Creating online literature brings real income to writers.

In order to support the development of overseas original online literature, Qidian International launched the global annual award-winning essay as early as 2019, and more than 80,000 overseas writers have participated in the competition.

Many literature lovers use Qidian International to realize their writing dreams, and some people earn income through writing, changing their lives and even their lives.

  Adui, who is from the United States, has started her writing career since reading a lot of novels on the starting point two years ago.

Since then, writing has become one of the most important things in his life.

Adu said: "Since the first novel, I have always enjoyed the sense of accomplishment that writing brings, it is not only used to pass the time, but also helped me realize many dreams, after all, I have never been financially free before, more Not to mention starting a family and starting a business, you can even invest in other projects.”

  Help more people realize their creative dreams

  Cong Zhichen, an associate professor of the Department of Chinese at Peking University and an invited researcher of the China Modern Literature Museum, believes that recent highlights of Chinese online literature have emerged frequently, and a large number of overseas online writers have emerged, which are truly accepted by overseas audiences, and they are actively participating.

  "Although online literature is famous for its imagination and has transformed many cultural elements, its background is still 'Chinese'. Many Western online literature writers and ordinary readers have mentioned that during the epidemic, online literature comforted It is one of the most fundamental functions of literature. In this regard, the significance of online literature going overseas should be considered even at the level of literature’s value to human beings.” Cong Zhichen said.

  Hou Xiaonan said that he hopes to continuously discover and cultivate overseas potential authors through various awards and essay branding activities, and provide a variety of incubation carriers for overseas excellent original online literature IP through financial and traffic support.

He said: "We want to create a talent community for online literature writing, build an author ecology, collect more high-quality works, provide authors with professional online literature creation guidance, provide a wider audience and a longer life chain for the works, help More writers realize their creative dreams.”

  According to Xiong Bingzhen, Secretary-General of the International Council of Philosophy and Human Sciences of UNESCO, with the development of the Internet, online literature has become a household phenomenon in the world.

"I am very happy to see that China's online literature platform is constantly exploring new space, and by holding essay contests, cultivating young talents and other measures, it will benefit readers and writers around the world. I believe that online literature will create more possibilities in the future."

  Reporter: Kang Yan