Zhongxin Finance, April 3. According to the "China Bio" WeChat public account on the 3rd, on April 3, Sinopharm Group's second-generation recombinant protein new crown vaccine of Sinopharm Group obtained the clinical trial approval document issued by the State Drug Administration.

  The vaccine was developed by Sinopharm Zhongsheng Biotechnology Research Institute/National Engineering Research Center for Novel Vaccines (hereinafter referred to as Chinese Academy of Biological Sciences) and has independent intellectual property rights.

It is a major progress made by Sinopharm China Biotechnology in the recombinant vaccine technology route after the approval of the two new crown vaccines on the inactivated vaccine technology route.

  According to reports, the second-generation recombinant new crown vaccine (NVSI-06-08) is a computational structure vaccinology technology platform independently established by the Chinese Academy of Biological Sciences. On the basis of the first-generation recombinant new crown vaccine (NVSI-06-07), through A second-generation broad-spectrum COVID-19 vaccine (mutation-integrated trimerized RBD) was designed and developed by computational analysis of the evolutionary law and immune evasion ability of the mutation sites of the epidemic strains.