On April 2, the Information Office of the Chengdu Municipal People's Government of Sichuan Province held a press conference to report the latest situation of epidemic prevention and control.

According to reports, from 0:00 on April 1 to 18:00 on the 2nd, Chengdu has reported a total of 3 local confirmed cases and 3 local asymptomatic infections.

  According to the requirements of the Chengdu Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, Chengdu Internet access service business sites (Internet cafes, Internet cafes), cultural and entertainment venues (KTV, video game city) and other indoor closed cultural and tourism venues implement current restrictions, and the number of consumers accepted shall not exceed the approved number 50% of the number of people, and at the same time, strengthen sanitation management, ventilation and environmental disinfection, and achieve "one customer, one use, one disinfection".

(Reporter He Shaoqing produced Chen Xuanbin)

Responsible editor: [Ji Xiang]