sudden epidemic

Let Quanzhou, Fujian press the "slow key"

At this point, a "help document"

Quickly swipe the circle of friends of Quanzhou people

The picture shows the front page of "Quanzhou Anti-epidemic Mutual Aid Document".

This online editable document

Created in the early morning of March 20

Viewed more than 100,000 times

Witnessed many heartwarming stories

March 23

Mr. Wang, a liver cancer patient in Yongchun County

For help in the documentation:

"I am a liver cancer patient

The urgently needed targeted drug package

Stuck at Jinjiang Magnetic Stove Courier Point

I'm out of medicine, so I'm in a hurry."

Mr. Wang is in the control area

Inability to take medicines on your own

Courier can't deliver

But the doctor ordered "the medicine cannot be stopped"

Not taking medicine for a long time can be life-threatening

Volunteer Ke Shengshui saw the help message

Launched a "Love Relay"

couriers at courier

"Life-saving medicine" found in hundreds of thousands of packages

Zhang Yonglin, a student from Quanzhou of Nankai University

in a group of volunteers

Found Ms. Yang, who works in the postal department

Ms. Yang helped contact the vehicle


In the end, the medicine is in the hands of the patient

The picture shows the chat records between the volunteers and the liver cancer patient Mr. Wang.

"Pregnant women who are more than 8 months pregnant

In the intensive care unit of Quanzhou Licheng Second Hospital

urgent need for type B platelets

But in Quanzhou Central Blood Bank

This blood type is very short of platelets

Is there anyone around here who can help us?"

Mr. Lin is in urgent need of platelets due to the operation of his pregnant wife

March 28 at 18:00

Send help to documentation volunteers

As the help information is continuously viewed and forwarded

within 2 hours

His phone was 'almost blown'

people who donate blood

Surgical needs have been exceeded

This document has several columns

Including help needs, medical guidance

Epidemic announcement, Q&A area, etc.

Document creator Lin Tingting said

Forms are rough at first

only a few lines

Noon on the 20th

College student volunteers and caring people take the initiative to contact

Help with merging, maintaining and operating documentation

young volunteers

Formed a document maintenance and demand docking team

From Quanzhou, Beijing, Wuhan, Nanjing

They in Hangzhou, Tianjin and other places

call yourself

"Quanli" went to volunteer anti-epidemic team

The picture shows the message in the "Supportable Materials" section of the document.

"Mutual Aid Document"

In addition to help information

More information on spontaneous help and donations

"I can help with shipping!"

"I can provide medical surgical masks!"

"I can donate fruit and vegetable supplies!"

Warmth is coming from all directions...

The picture shows the message in the "Supportable Materials" section of the document.

at the same time

more people

Had to "stay behind" at home

Or be isolated in a foreign country by the epidemic

They "build a building"

Leave a blessing on the document message board

Protect the city in another way

Words leave a message, merge into great love

like a warm current

between the jumping cursors

on the flashing screen

flow in spring

  Planning: Tai Xiaoan

  Reporter: Pang Mengxia and Zhang Huaying

  Video: Guo Qi