China News Service, Xishuangbanna, April 2 (Chang Zongbo) The reporter learned from the Forest Police (Environmental Food and Drug Investigation) Detachment of the Public Security Bureau of Xishuangbanna Prefecture, Yunnan Province on the 2nd that in the early morning of the 1st, a national first-class protected hummingbird was accidentally injured. , went to the inpatient department of the Central Health Center in Menglun Township, Mengla County, Xishuangbanna Prefecture to "seek treatment".

  At 6:00 a.m. on the 1st, the Menglun Brigade of the Forest Police (Environmental Food and Drug Investigation) Detachment of the Xishuangbanna Public Security Bureau received an alarm call from the central health center of Menglun Town, Mengla County: at 5:25, a hairy was found near the nurse station of the inpatient department. Fluffy big-eyed animals, please forest police to deal with them quickly.

The picture shows the police giving medicine to the little humming monkey.

Photo by Chang Zongbo

  After receiving the alarm, the police from the Menglun Brigade of the Forest Police (Environmental Food and Drug Investigation) detachment rushed to the scene immediately.

After arriving at the scene, the small animal has been temporarily controlled in the garbage bin by the security of the health center.

After preliminary identification by the police, it was a first-class national protected animal hummingbird, and its right forelimb was injured, and then the police took it back to the brigade.

After being fed with water and food, he promptly contacted the Xishuangbanna Wildlife Shelter and Rescue Center to check and treat it.

  During the treatment, the little bee monkey behaved very well. He closed his eyes and quietly cooperated with the veterinarian to debride and apply medicine to it. He was not noisy or noisy, and was petted by others. It looked like he was waiting for hospital treatment.

The picture shows the police inspecting the hummingbird.

Photo by Chang Zongbo

  At present, the injured hummingbird has been handed over to the Xishuangbanna State Wildlife Rescue and Rescue Center for shelter and rescue.

  According to the person in charge of the rescue center, this "little monkey" is a national first-class protected animal, the hummingbird.

They usually spend the night alone foraging for food, and are named "humming monkeys" because of their fondness for honey.

The hummingbirds are mainly distributed in Yunnan and southern Guangxi in my country. Due to factors such as poor survival ability and human hunting, their populations are decreasing day by day.