After being found guilty of sex trafficking in the US, Ghislaine Maxwell has failed in her request for a new trial.

New York federal judge Alison Nathan on Friday (local time) rejected Maxwell's attorneys' request for the criminal case to be reopened.

They justified their motion with the fact that it was discovered only after the fact that one of the jurors had been the victim of sexual abuse as a child and was therefore possibly biased.

Maxwell was found guilty of sex trafficking and other offenses in late December.

The sentence should not be announced until June 28th.

The 60-year-old Briton faces life imprisonment.

After the guilty verdict, one of the jurors, whose only first name was Scotty David, reported to the media that he persuaded the other jurors to convict Maxwell by speaking of his own experiences of abuse as a child.

He was then questioned under oath by Nathan in early March.

He said he was "open and honest", the judge explained in the justification for her decision to reject a new edition of the process.

The jury therefore did not disclose his abuse experiences because he only "scanned" the questionnaire received before he was sworn in.

The omission was "highly unfortunate, but not intentional," Nathan said.

However, the jury was not biased and was able to be "a fair and impartial juror."

Maxwell, once the lover of US billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and then his close confidant and employee for years, is said to have recruited young girls for the rich and well-connected investor for years and, in some cases, even participated in the sexual abuse.

During the trial, she denied all allegations and pleaded not guilty.

Epstein was found dead in his prison cell in August 2019 while he was being held in custody.

The authorities assume suicide.

Britain's Prince Andrew was also involved in the abuse scandal.

He settled out of court with a woman in the United States who accused him of sexually abusing her when she was a minor.