Looking at the number of people newly infected with the new coronavirus in the week leading up to the 29th of last month by age group, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare found that teenagers and 20s account for about half of the total. rice field.

On the other hand, the vaccination rate of the third vaccine of this generation continues to be lower than that of other generations, and experts said, "Because young people have a wide range of activities and are susceptible to infection, there is a risk of infection in new life associated with admission or employment. I would like you to check the above and proceed with vaccination. "

Tokyo 3rd vaccination rate 20s 23.8% 12-19 years old 5.8%

The number of people newly infected with the new corona nationwide has been on a gradual decline for more than a month since early February, but the preliminary figures for "HER-SYS" compiled by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare through local governments nationwide. Then, in the week until the 29th of last month, there were 288,853 people, an increase of 44,052 people compared to the previous week.

Looking at the increase in the number of people by age group, the number of people in their 20s was the highest at 11,578, which is 26% of the total, followed by 9938 at 23% for teens, and 49% for teens and 20s, which is close to half of the total. Occupies.

On the other hand, the inoculation rate of the third vaccine is 41.5% of the total population according to the total released by the government on the 1st.

According to the data from Tokyo, which publishes the inoculation rate by age group, as of March 31, the percentage of people in their 70s and 80s is over 80%, but that of people in their 20s is 23.8% and that of 12 to 19 years is 5.8. The inoculation rate in younger ages continues to be low, such as%.

Expert "Young people have a wide range of activities and are susceptible to infection."

Atsuro Hamada, a specially appointed professor at Tokyo Medical University who is familiar with infectious diseases, said, "There is a tendency for rebounds in Japan as a whole, but the number of infections among young people, especially those in their twenties, is increasing. The cancellation may be a major cause of the increased opportunities to enjoy meals. "

On top of that, he said, "I think there are young people who will start a new life by entering school or getting a job in the new year, but I want them to check and confirm places where there is a risk of infection even in new places, and to eat and drink while taking measures against infection. ".

Regarding the third vaccination, he said, "Although the vaccination rate of the younger generation is low, young people are particularly susceptible to infection due to many opportunities to eat and drink and a wide range of activities, so I would like you to proceed with vaccination." increase.

Calling new students to vaccinate at the International University of Health and Welfare entrance ceremony

The new year started, and on the 2nd, entrance ceremonies were held at universities around the world, and some universities called on new students to get vaccinated.

At the entrance ceremony of the International University of Health and Welfare held on the campus in Minato-ku, Tokyo, all new students were asked to undergo a PCR test in advance to prevent infection, and the temperature was also measured at the entrance of the venue.

In front of about 120 new students who attended, President Yasuhiro Suzuki said, "I am making it available to students who wish to receive the third vaccine immediately after enrollment. As a university that trains medical professionals, we will continue to take measures against infection. I would like to take all possible measures to hold face-to-face classes. "

The university has been vaccination in the workplace since July last year, and the second vaccination rate for students is over 92%.

The third inoculation started last month, and we are calling on new students to inoculate through orientation and so on.

A new female student from Chiba Prefecture said, "I was sad that the event was canceled in high school, so I'm happy to be able to attend the entrance ceremony. I want to refrain from doing a lot, go out and go out. I don't think so. I want to get involved with various people in my college life, so I'm thinking of getting a vaccine. "

A freshman female student from Kanagawa Prefecture said, "I had a terrible side reaction until the second time, but I think it's better to take it to prevent it from becoming more serious. I think it's better not to take it from SNS information. I had a lot of friends, so I want to get the right information. "

Mitsunori Nakata, Dean of the Faculty of International University of Health and Welfare, said, "I would like to firmly convey that the third vaccination is very important for protecting families and society. I want you to learn about your feelings and how to overcome them, and to strengthen your strength and go out into society. "