China News Service, Taiyuan, April 1 (Yang Jing) "The 7-day study not only improved the level of spoken Chinese, but also toured the scenery of Shanxi online. I hope to continue to understand Chinese culture and history and be a messenger of cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries." From Laos At the closing ceremony of the "Chinese Bridge" online group exchange program of Taiyuan Normal University, Wang Sichen, who is also a teacher, agreed with his classmates to have the opportunity to "see Yungang Grottoes and taste Shanxi cuisine" together in Shanxi.

  The "Chinese Bridge" online group exchange program - "Charming Shanxi" Chinese Learning Camp, hosted by the Chinese-Foreign Language Exchange and Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Education of China and undertaken by Taiyuan Normal University, opened on March 23 for 7 days (except Saturdays and Sundays) ), attracted more than 180 Chinese language and Chinese culture lovers from 12 countries and regions including Russia, South Korea and Vietnam.

  This activity revolves around "Chinese Language and Shanxi Culture", using a combination of recorded courses and live courses to introduce Shanxi scenic spots, folk songs, folk dances, traditional festivals, traditional pasta, etc. to international students in an all-round and multi-level manner. Show "Charming Shanxi".

  At the closing ceremony, the students actively shared their learning outcomes.

Fang Rong, a Vietnamese student who participated in the Chinese language learning camp for the first time, was both nervous and happy, "I mentioned that China only knows big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. Not too standard, but I have become more confident in speaking Chinese.”

  Ruan Yurong, who is also from Vietnam, said that the teachers are very friendly and caring, and we are very interested in every class.

"I like the Shanxi folk dance course the most. Shanxi dance is novel and unique. Through the study camp, I have improved my Chinese level and made many new friends. I will continue to work hard to learn Chinese with my classmates."

  Wang Hong, deputy director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office of Taiyuan Normal University, introduced that the "Chinese Bridge" online group exchange program offers a total of 29 classes, including 20 language classes and 9 cultural lectures.

"During the entire learning process, students attend classes on time, help each other, and complete coursework on time."

  The beautiful scenery and traditional culture of Shanxi have made Vietnamese student Ruan Xuanmei yearn for China. She said, "Shanxi is very beautiful and very interesting. If there is a chance, I hope to go to China and Shanxi as soon as possible."

  The event also selected 15 outstanding students and issued certificates online.

Wang Hong said that although the study camp is over, it is hoped that the students will maintain the independent learning ability and teamwork spirit cultivated in the camp, continue to devote themselves to new learning and life, in order to become noble, comprehensive, innovative and innovative. International talent efforts with innovative ability.