Associations have installed mailboxes at the entrance to camps in Calais bearing the names and telephone numbers of migrants, to remind the authorities that they must allow them to defend their rights before deporting them, they announced. Friday.

These associations, including the Auberge des Migrants, Utopia56, Salam and Secours Catholique, intend to fight "against violent evictions with forced sheltering and without social diagnosis", they explain in a press release.

They are launching this action when the prefect of Pas-de-Calais was sentenced on March 24 for having dismantled a migrant camp in Calais in September 2020 without an adequate legal framework.

“A home is protected by law”

“Since people have settled on these lands, they have been their homes.

A home is protected by law.

Any eviction measure must therefore be the subject of a fair and equitable procedure before a court: the inhabitants of the land must be summoned to court and be able to defend themselves with the assistance of a lawyer”, according to the associations.

The mailboxes do not bear the names and numbers of all the migrants in the camp, but "if even one person declares himself to be a resident of this place, the prosecutor is obliged to organize a contradictory procedure with this resident the owner", while "the prosecutor (of Boulogne-sur-Mer) clears customs each time by saying that the people are unnameable and unidentifiable", insists Marguerite Combes, coordinator of Utopia56 Calais.

More than the small evictions organized "every 36 to 48 hours, on the basis of flagrante delicto", this action is above all aimed at large evictions from places of life, carried out following a judge's order and including a "laying 'shelter' of migrants by buses, adds a member of Human Rights Observers.

During these operations, "a bailiff is present but does his job poorly and does not allow the contradictory", she adds.

If we spoke to people in exile in their language or even in English, they would be ready to assert their rights, the associations point out.

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