In the "post-Winter Olympics" period, the Shougang Ski Jumping Platform will be the world's first permanently reserved and used ski jumping platform. It will be fully utilized throughout the year through bidding for international events, building event IPs, and holding performing arts activities. Become a new model for post-competition utilization of Olympic facilities.

  Shougang Ski Jumping Platform will bid to host international events such as snowboard and freestyle skiing World Cups, striving to become the permanent venue of the World Cup China Station, and continue to enhance its international influence; use the snowmaking season to jointly launch international training camps with professional institutions to attract more young people People come to the big platform to experience and participate in training, and hold training activities such as referees.

  At the same time, the Shougang Ski Jumping platform fully considers the fashion and trend characteristics of extreme sports, aims at young customers, creates IP for extreme sports events, and is linked with Shougang Extreme Park. In summer, extreme competitions such as BMX and skateboards can be held.

In addition, comprehensive performances such as outdoor concerts, light and shadow shows, and debut shows will be held.

Through brewing and gradually developing related products, planning Olympic cultural exhibitions, etc., the venues can be integrated into the leisure life of the public.

(produced by Xu Jing by Lu Huiqian)

Responsible editor: [Ye Pan]