On the 28th, a 27-year-old driver was arrested on suspicion of murder for killing a man riding a motorcycle in Sakai City, Osaka, after repeatedly driving for about 4 kilometers and then colliding with a car and killing him. ..

He stated to the police that he was "angry and chased after the other party's driving," but denied the charges that he had no murderous intentions.

The person arrested on suspicion of murder was Riku Kawashima, a 27-year-old care worker in Minami-ku, Sakai City, who was sent to the prosecution on the 30th.

According to police, at around 6:30 pm on the 28th, a nearby office worker, Asusho Kitajima, collided with his motorcycle and killed him on a prefectural road in Minami-ku, Sakai City. There is suspicion.

It is suspected that the suspect's passenger car suddenly changed lanes and interrupted in front of the motorcycle from the video of the drive recorder of the car running nearby.

In addition, from about 4 km in front of the site, there was an image that seems to have been driving in a tilted manner, approaching or pulling the motorcycle from behind.

In response to the police investigation, Kawashima said, "I was angry because I couldn't overtake the motorcycle. After that, I was angry and chased after the other party's driving."

On the other hand, he said, "I have no intention of murder. I recognize that I was hit," and denied the charges of murder.