Moon Jun-young, a former member of the group Empire Children, apologized with tears for driving under the influence.

In the video uploaded to the YouTube channel 'Caracula TV' on the 29th, Moon Jun-young appeared in person, apologized for drunk driving and explained the situation at the time.

The YouTube channel was the first place to expose Moon Jun-young's drunk driving.

Moon Jun-young, who met Carracula, apologized, "(Drunk driving) was my mistake 100 times and 1000 times."

However, he said, "I want to correct only the distorted truth." "It is not an explanation, it is not a vomit. I will be punished and I will repent, but I think it is necessary to go through this fairly." did.

Earlier, on the 6th, after drinking alcohol in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Moon Joon-young drove his K5 car on a one-way road, and the driver of a Rolls-Royce car on the other side suspected that he was drunk driving and reported it to the police. He was charged with violating the Road Traffic Act (drunk driving).

At the time, it was found that Moon Joon-young's blood alcohol level was 0.08% or higher, which is the level of driver's license revocation.

However, Moon Joon-young was accused of being threatened by the owner of a luxury car who reported him.

Moon Joon-young said, "I got into an argument while driving drunk on a one-way street.

Absolutely not,” he said, starting the story of meeting the other borrower twice at the time.

Moon Joon-young said that he met the other party's car while on the way to a dinner party.

He said, "I thought it was my younger brother, so I rang the clock, opened the door twice, and knocked on the window twice. What surprised him was that he thought I was a thug. He said, "I was sorry, and I turned around." He said, "I wasn't drinking at the time."

Afterwards, while drinking at a dinner party, Moon Joon-young received a phone call from his acquaintance saying, "The owner wants an apology."

Moon Jun-young said, "At that time, I was drinking and my emotions were intense, so I said, 'Give me that person's phone number' and I called." He said, "I chose that one-way street as the location. I met the owner, and there was a fight.”

Moon Joon-young said that at the time, the owner of a Rolls-Royce came out with a friend who drove a Ferrari and blocked the road, followed by the police.

He also explained the situation in which he was more enraged by saying that the other borrower asked for a repair fee, but he said that he would get 300 million won just by wearing a high-end super collar.

However, Moon Joon-young repeatedly apologized for his drunk driving.

He said, "I'm also sorry to those parents for posting an emotional message on social media. My mother, family, and acquaintances are also in tears. I responded in such a way as to have it happen once.

I would like to take this opportunity to bow my head and apologize to the owner of the car.

Drunk driving is the part where I have to apologize 100 times and 1000 times."

Moon Joon-young shared the video of her conversation with Caracula on his YouTube community and said, "I will look back a hundred and a thousand times and say I'm sorry." I will also ask for forgiveness. I have nothing to say, even with a few mouths."

Reporter Kang Seon-ae   

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)