China-Singapore Jingwei, March 31 (Dong Xiangyi) Recently, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in many places has been severe, and the price of vegetables and meat has risen, and the voices of the public that it is difficult to buy vegetables continue to appear.

China-Singapore Jingwei combing found that Shanghai, Changchun, Harbin and other places have spoken out on the problem of "difficulty in buying vegetables".

As the government increases supply guarantee measures and e-commerce platforms increase transportation capacity, the shortage of material supply and the problem of delivery timeliness are gradually being alleviated.

It is difficult to buy food, the official action!

  A reporter from Sino-Singapore Jingwei learned that at 1:00 a.m. on March 30, Mr. Tang, who lives in Puxi District, Shanghai, received a box of vegetables sent by a friend. It set a record for my receipt time. My brother still has a lot to send, it's really hard."

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  Starting from 5:00 on March 28, Shanghai will implement nucleic acid screening in batches with the Huangpu River as the boundary.

During the lockdown and management period, personnel will not leave their homes.

Before that, Mr. Tang, who had been locked in the building for more than ten days, encountered the problem of difficulty in buying vegetables.

  Ms. Zhao, who lives in Xuhui District, is in relatively better condition, and the community where she lives is not closed.

She told a reporter from China-Singapore Jingwei, "I can buy vegetables whether I go directly to the vegetable market or the supermarket, but it is true that the queue is long, and everyone is a little anxious." Due to the capacity problem of the e-commerce platform, it is difficult to grab the vegetables, Zhao The lady has not grabbed it at Dingdong and Heima, "the area in which it is located is full."

  In response to the problem of material supply guarantee for Shanghai citizens, Gu Jun, head of the material guarantee team of the Shanghai Epidemic Prevention and Control Leading Group and director of the Municipal Commission of Commerce, said a few days ago that he is strengthening the organization of supply sources, actively coordinating supply guarantee companies to further expand procurement channels, and carry out wholesale and retail docking. , production and sales docking, increase purchase volume, and ensure market supply; in addition, notices on ensuring the normal operation of living material supply guarantee enterprises are issued to all districts, including the normal operation of guarantee supply enterprises; the normal passage of guarantee vehicles; Work normally.

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  Due to the closure measures and the difficulty of buying offline supermarkets, many Shanghai residents choose to buy food in groups in community WeChat groups.

Mr. Tang's owner group is sharing "food grabbing strategies" every day. For example, one owner said: "Hema put all the things you want to buy into the shopping cart the day before, choose more categories, and then when the business hours are over, To click to settle, I use the frequency of 3 times a second."

  In addition to Shanghai, Jilin Changchun, Heilongjiang Harbin and other places are also stepping up the supply of materials to provide "reassuring pills" for people under the epidemic.

  On March 29, Changchun apologized to the general public for the difficulty of buying vegetables, and said that it had organized multiple channels to increase stocking efforts.

Liu Renyuan, deputy secretary-general of the Changchun Municipal Government, said that in order to solve the problem of people's difficulty in buying vegetables, the joint guarantee and supply mechanism was launched, and multiple channels were organized to increase stocking efforts.

About 1,000 tons of "vegetable bags" are delivered to Changchun every day, alleviating the shortage of sorting and distribution personnel.

  Specifically, Changchun solves the difficult problem of grocery shopping from two aspects: On the one hand, it organizes residents or owners to organize group purchases voluntarily.

On the other hand, community staff, cadres and volunteers of submerged government agencies will be fully mobilized to help citizens pick up and deliver goods. Property personnel and volunteers in the "closed control area" will deliver them directly to the door, and residents of the "controlled area" will go downstairs and stay in the community in an orderly manner Pick up dishes, and get through the "last 100 meters" of urban delivery.

  In order to ensure the supply of vegetables and other materials, Harbin launched the city's emergency plan to ensure the supply of basic daily necessities, strengthened the organization of supply sources, instructed Runheng and Longyuan Agricultural Products Wholesale Markets to increase the amount of purchases, and ensured that the city's total vegetable inventory was sufficient.

At the same time, guide all large supermarkets and e-commerce platforms to increase the organization of supply sources to ensure that the city's daily necessities market has sufficient supply, variety and stable prices.

Strictly disrupt price increases in many places!

  Under the epidemic, many companies are thinking of making "epidemic wealth", raising prices on the ground and driving up prices. A Chinese cabbage in Shanghai Takashimaya Department Store was sold for a high price of 77.9 yuan.

Sino-Singapore Jingwei noticed that many places have frequently "brightened swords" and severely cracked down on illegal acts such as price gouging during the epidemic.

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  Changchun officials said that they will resolutely crack down on the recent complaints and reports of rising vegetable prices, vegetable package prices, and unknown prices.

  Harbin has fully inspected key places such as supermarkets and vegetable stores in its jurisdiction, investigated and dealt with illegal acts of driving up the prices of daily necessities such as vegetables, and exposed them.

Relevant supermarkets and vegetable stores were subject to confiscation of illegal income and a fine of 5 times the illegal income.

  Liaoning has resolutely cracked down, severely punished, and severely investigated and punished various price violations such as price gouging, hoarding, unknown price listing, and false propaganda during the epidemic, and exposed typical cases among them.

Conduct timely interviews, reminders and warnings for business operators with large daily fluctuations in commodity prices.

  Shanghai has strengthened price supervision on supermarkets, retail pharmacies, farmers' markets, wholesale markets, and fresh food-related e-commerce operators in the surrounding areas under the control of closures.

Through inspections, reminders and warnings, policy guidance, integrity and self-discipline and other "combined punches", urge relevant operators to implement their main responsibilities, and not to disrupt the market price order.

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