China News Service, March 30. According to the official WeChat news of the Sanya Suburban Court, on March 30, the Sanya Suburban People's Court of Hainan Province held a public hearing in the first instance to hear the defendant Luo Changping on suspicion of infringing on the reputation and honor of heroes and martyrs and criminal incidental civil public welfare. Litigation case.

  The Sanya Suburban People's Procuratorate charged that at 9:38 on October 6, 2021, the defendant Luo Changping watched the "Changjin Lake" movie and the Changjin Lake battle documentary video on Douyin on his mobile phone at his residence in Sanya City, in order to win Follow, use the Sina Weibo account "Luo Changping" to post a post, insulting the "Ice Sculpture Company" of the Chinese People's Volunteers who died in the Battle of Changjin Lake to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea, infringing on the reputation and honor of heroes and martyrs, causing strong public indignation and causing a bad society influence.

The procuratorial organ requested that Luo Changping be held criminally responsible for the crime of infringing on the reputation and honor of heroes and martyrs, and at the same time filed a criminal incidental civil public interest lawsuit, requesting that Luo Changping be ordered to undertake civil tort liabilities such as an apology, elimination of danger and influence, and compensation for public damage.

  During the trial, the procuratorate presented relevant evidence, the defendant Luo Changping, his defender, and the attached civil public interest litigation agent cross-examined, the prosecution and defense fully expressed their opinions under the auspices of the court, and Luo Changping made a final statement and appeared in court. A confession of guilt.

The case will be adjourned.

  Some deputies to the National People's Congress, members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and media representatives attended the trial.