Training of future priests, confession, accompaniment of bishops in their functions: nine working groups have been set up by the Catholic episcopate, as part of the fight against sexual violence in the Church, announced the episcopate on Wednesday .

These working groups had been promised in November by the Conference of Bishops of France, among other measures intended to fight against sexual violence, sexual assault, abuse of power and conscience within the Church.

Their creation responds to certain recommendations of the shock report of the Independent Commission on Sexual Abuse in the Church (Ciase) chaired by Jean-Marc Sauvé, published in early October.

Place for the laity and the victims

These groups are made up of deacons, priests and bishops, but also of lay people, including former victims, and are each led by a lay person.

To coordinate them, a layman was chosen: Hervé Balladur, who has spent his entire career in IT and new technologies, and who "knows well how the Church works", according to the CEF, because he is involved in different structures. of the diocese of Créteil.

They have one year to work on several themes, including "sharing good practices in the face of reported cases", vocation and "training of future priests", "confession and spiritual accompaniment", "accompaniment of priests in question", "vigilance and control” of groups leading a common life, accompaniment of priests and bishops in their functions.

The conclusions are expected for “spring 2023”.


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