As one of the implementation of the three-child birth policy and supporting measures, parental leave has been established in many places across the country since 2021.

Banyuetan's research found that the "vacation road" for young parents is not smooth.

 10 days of parental leave a year "cannot take"

  Preliminary statistics show that more than 20 provinces across the country have introduced or plan to add relevant policies.

In most areas, the legal parental leave is limited to children under 3 years old, and both spouses enjoy 10 days of parental leave each year.

In Chongqing and Anhui, the age of children who enjoy parental leave has been relaxed to 6 years old.

The public generally applauds the policy.

  Some companies have begun to try to include parental leave in the vacation category.

Guangzhou Yiqu Garment Co., Ltd. has 40% female employees. Qi Tieli, the general manager of the company, told Banyuetan reporters that when the company held the 2022 work orientation meeting, the company launched a discussion on employee benefits in terms of parental leave, and plans to make corresponding Adjustment.

  Although some companies took the initiative to mention parental leave, many people said that they "can't take it" or "don't dare to take it".

Liu Juan, an employee of a private enterprise in Foshan City, said that there are no guarantees for annual leave, family leave and other holidays, let alone expecting parental leave.

Li Lili, a 32-year-old resident of Chengdu, works as a finance manager in an IT company. She said, "None of the other mothers in the department have taken parental leave. If I am the only one on vacation, will the leaders give me small shoes?"

  Employers lack motivation to execute

  Judging from the current situation, many eligible couples are afraid to take or take parental leave, and many employers also express that they cannot afford the cost of leave.

  First, the implementation details of parental leave are not yet clear.

During the interview, a reporter from Banyuetan found that many employers have not included parental leave in their application for leave, which caused employees to have no idea where the entrance to the leave is.

Ms. Li, who works in a company in Panyu District, Guangzhou, said that the company's personnel department said she would "wait and see how the documents in the city and district are arranged."

An employee in Sichuan recently reported on the Internet that his application to the company for parental leave was rejected on the grounds that the company's headquarters had not issued detailed rules for parental leave.

  Second, the sharing mechanism of vacation labor costs is not clear.

Wang Shaoli, who works in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, applied to the company for parental leave in January 2022. The personnel department responded that if she had to take it, she could take personal leave first.

"But personal leave is to deduct wages, in fact, the company can not afford the hidden costs of employees not on duty." She said.

  Dong Yuzheng, director of the Guangdong Population Development Research Institute, said that if the cost of vacation labor is borne by the employer, it will increase the burden on the employer and increase the gender discrimination in the recruitment of employees. In the end, it will backfire and hurt women's enthusiasm for childbearing.

Birth policy needs to be considered in a coordinated way

  Regarding parental leave, someone once ridiculed: "If you give me a coupon of 500 yuan, will I buy a Lamborghini?" The interviewed experts believe that when formulating and implementing supporting policies to promote childbirth represented by parental leave, we must pay attention to each It should also take into account the actual needs and affordability of the government, enterprises, families and individuals.

  First, it is necessary to establish the sharing and sharing mechanism of holiday labor costs as soon as possible.

Dong Yuzheng said that while establishing and improving the holiday labor cost sharing and sharing mechanism, employers should be encouraged to formulate various measures that are conducive to employees' balance between work and marriage and childbirth.

  Second, we must vigorously develop an inclusive nursery service system.

Han Xu, a professor at Sichuan University Law School, believes that at present, my country's early childhood care, especially for infants under the age of 3, lacks total resources, mainly family care, and insufficient social care. Families are faced with high pressure and high cost of child care. the predicament.

Doing a good job in childcare services can also ease the pressure on the implementation of parental leave.

  Third, effectively reduce the cost of childbearing and parenting education, and create a social environment for positive childbearing.

Dong Yuzheng said that it is necessary to comprehensively use land, housing, finance, finance, taxation, talents and other support policies to effectively solve the problems of "can't afford to give birth" and "can't afford to raise", and let the supporting policies for childbirth represented by parental leave be implemented. It really works.

  Source: "Ban Yue Tan" Issue 6, 2022

  Banyuetan Reporter: Hu Linguo and Dong Xiaohong (Participating in the writing: Chen Kaijing)