[Explanation] As a "net celebrity snack", snail noodles are popular because of their unique flavors such as fresh, fragrant, sour, spicy, and refreshing, and the "sour" among them is even more addicting.

The sour taste mainly comes from the ingredients such as sour bamboo shoots and sour beans in the snail powder.

Recently, a group of photos of "foot on sour beans" have been circulated on the Internet, which has attracted attention to the food hygiene issue of bagged snail powder.

  [Explanation] A few days ago, the reporter went to Guangxi Xinguixian Industrial Co., Ltd., a raw material manufacturer of Liuzhou sour beans, to visit the production process of Liuzhou snail powder sour beans.

There are hundreds of plastic water tanks in the factory building. These half-person-high tanks are filled with pickled sour bamboo shoots, sour beans and other raw materials of snail powder. The mouth of the tank is sealed with plastic film for fermentation.

According to Wang Manxing, the person in charge of the company, the pickling process of sour beans has a set of strict procedures.

  [Concurrent] Wang Manxing, head of Guangxi Xinguixian Industrial Co., Ltd.

  (Selection and pickling) The length of the beans is 40 cm, free of pests and diseases, no drum beans, and no cooked tails. After the selection, we come back to clean the beans, and then pickle them in a vat, and they will mature in about 30 days.

During pickling, the product should not touch raw water or oil, which will cause the quality of pickling to deteriorate.

  [Explanation] Wang Manxing said that pickled capers have stricter requirements on water quality, and high-quality spring or well water needs to be used.

In addition, in order to ensure zero contact with the pickled raw materials, the staff of the factory need to wear sanitary protective clothing during production, and specially customize some special utensils for stirring and scooping the sour beans in the tank.

  [Concurrent] Wang Manxing, head of Guangxi Xinguixian Industrial Co., Ltd.

  Employees in our factory need to wear masks, sanitary caps, and sanitary gloves when entering our factory area.

When fishing for pickled products, we also have some stainless steel utensils made by ourselves to choose.

  [Explanation] Four years ago, Wang Manxing just came to Liuzhou, Guangxi to start a business and witnessed the rapid development of Liuzhou snail noodles.

At present, this factory is mainly responsible for pickling sour beans and sour bamboo shoots. It can supply 40,000 catties of sour beans and sour bamboo shoots to Liuzhou snail powder enterprises every day, which can meet the production demand of 400,000 packets of snail powder.

  [Concurrent] Wang Manxing, head of Guangxi Xinguixian Industrial Co., Ltd.

  Now there are a total of 300 tanks in the factory, and one tank is about 10,000 kilograms of marinade. Now the demand for this (raw material) is gradually rising.

When I first came into contact with (this) industry, the output was not so large.

At the beginning (the annual output) was about 2 to 3 million catties, and this year (the output) has doubled.

In recent years, I feel that the snail powder industry will do very well.

  [Explanation] After the sour beans are successfully marinated, they will be canned and then shipped to the snail powder production factory.

In the production workshop of Guangxi Luobawang Food Co., Ltd., the reporter saw that cans of sour beans are neatly arranged in a corner of the workshop. After a series of strict processing procedures such as cleaning, blanching, mixing, and foreign matter removal, These capers will be finally bagged and presented to consumers.

  [Concurrent] Chen Bo, Deputy General Manager of Luobawang Food Co., Ltd.

  After our beans arrive at the factory, we have to pass our quality control inspection.

We have a clear acceptance standard for the inspection of beans, and we inspect its acidity, salinity, diameter, including length, and other sensory indicators (after pickling).

After passing the inspection, we can allow the workshop to use it.

  [Explanation] On March 22, the Liuzhou local standard "Technical Regulations for the Processing of Raw Materials of Pre-packaged Liuzhou Snail Noodles Part 4: Sour Beans" was officially released. make clear requirements.

The characteristic flavor and quality safety of sour beans, the raw material of Liuzhou snail powder, will be further standardized.

  Reported by Lin Xin and Liu Juncong from Liuzhou, Guangxi

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]