• Pandemi The WHO and China are silent on the investigations of the origin of the Covid

The eastern Chinese city of Shanghai will be confined starting tomorrow, March 28, following a

resurgence of Covid-19

, the Xinhua news agency reported this Sunday.

The districts east of the Huangpu River will go into lockdown from Monday, April 28, to April 1, with the districts west of the river, which divides the city, taking their turn until April 5.

According to the announcement of the local authorities, all the inhabitants will have to remain in their homes during the indicated period.

It will be allowed to order food or supplies at home

, but the delivery men will only be allowed access to the gate of the urbanizations, they will not be able to enter the buildings.

Companies have been ordered to implement work from home for their employees, except in the cases of companies "that guarantee the life and operation of the city", among which are those in the energy, telecommunications or power supply sectors. foods.

Public transport will be suspended

in confined districts and private vehicles will not be able to be on the street "unless necessary."

The outbreak, the most serious in the city since the pandemic began,

leaves more than 390 active

Covid infections and more than 10,000 asymptomatic patients registered in the last eight days in the city of 26 million inhabitants.


still applies its "zero dynamic covid policy"

, which implies the closure of borders, the isolation of all those infected and their close contacts and restrictions on mobility and PCR tests wherever a case is detected.


large number of asymptomatic

people detected in the city in recent days has made the usual tracking and quarantining tasks difficult.

Until now, Shanghai had dealt with the outbreak by enforcing

selective lockdowns

in some neighborhoods and carrying out massive PCR and antigen tests.

This Saturday, a member of the team of experts leading the response to the pandemic in the city declared that Shanghai "could not be confined due to its important role in China's economy and development and its global impact" and went on to warn that

" international freighters would be seen floating around"

in the East China Sea if the megalopolis were to come to a standstill.

The expert, Wu Fan, thus echoed one of the most debated topics in recent days on Chinese social networks, in which Internet users wondered why Shanghai had not yet declared a

general confinement.

of the city since, in the past, other cities did so in response to fewer cases than Shanghai now records.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Shanghai has detected 5,233 symptomatic cases of Covid-19 and registered seven deaths, according to official data.

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