An incident that shook Lebanon.. the disappearance of a mother and her three daughters in mysterious circumstances

The news of the disappearance of a family including a mother and her three daughters shook Lebanese society, and conflicting information spread about their kidnapping or being killed and then selling their organs.

As for the arrested suspect, he changed his statement several times.

Lawyer and political activist, Hassan Bazzi, revealed new information about “the case of the disappearance of a mother and her daughters in the southern town of Ansar, as a relative of the family, denying the information circulating about finding any body, according to Russia Today.”

Bazzi wrote on his Facebook page: My love... Regarding the Ansar crime, the details of which are published on Facebook and WhatsApp groups: The missing girls are my wife's cousins ​​and I am closely following the investigation, noting that the supposed perpetrator confessed and then changed his statement repeatedly and fabricated different accounts.

He stressed that so far no body has been found, and everything that is published otherwise is untrue, and the file is under follow-up by the army's intelligence in the south, noting that the hypothesis of the killing exists, but it has not been proven until this moment.

Al-Jadeed TV reported that forensic evidence had arrived in a valley between the towns of Ansar and Al-Zararia as part of security efforts in search of the mother and her three daughters, who have been missing since the beginning of this month.

It was reported that after the loss of the mother and her daughters, the bodies of the missing women were found on Thursday evening in the southern town of Ansar.

According to the information circulated, the killer is from the same town, and that he admires one of the girls.

Other information stated that the fiancé of one of the missing girls was arrested, and during the investigation he confessed that he and some young men had killed them and sold their organs in a commercial operation.

The girls' father, Zakaria Safavi, posted on his personal account via "Facebook" a picture of him with his daughters, and attached it to the following comment: "Oh God, after there is nothing certain."

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