Strong winds have been blowing from the afternoon on Jeju Island and the coast of Jeonnam.

A strong typhoon-like wind with a maximum instantaneous wind speed of over 40 m/s was observed in the mountainous areas of Jeju, and the intensity of the rain will also increase during the night of today (25th).

Be prepared for strong winds and rains.

It has already started raining in the western regions such as Seoul. Until tomorrow, heavy rain of up to 300mm or more in the mountainous areas of Jeju, 120mm or more in the southern part of Jeju, up to 80mm or more in the southern coast, and up to 100mm or more in the vicinity of Mt. Jirisan will be concentrated.

In the metropolitan area, the rain will get stronger from around midnight, and the rain will mostly stop tomorrow morning.

Until tomorrow, the wind will be very strong along the coast, and the waves will be very high all over the sea.

Also, strong winds blow in Seoul and other inland areas, so you should check the surrounding facilities well in advance.

It will be sunny again from Sunday, but it will get a little chilly.

(Meteorological Caster Nam Yu-jin)